Yakshini Sadhana Mantra

Yakshini Sadhana MantraYakshini sadhana siddhi is very famous today around teenagers and young people and maximum people are attract over yakshini sadhana mantra vidhi because many web pages explains the yakshini sadhana allow you to do sex with yakshini and keep her as lover and due to this desire many people who are not qualified into ritual and even stranger in the world of tantra mantra start doing yakshini vashikaran mantra to have siddhi but it is very wrong and even dangerous if you are begineer and you are doing yakshini apsara sadhana just becuase you want money without work and you also want to have sexual pleasure. You have many better ways which is easy never get involved into the yakshini sadhana because many sadhak experienced who just practiced over yakshini mantra for money, wealth and success or with wrong intention to have yakshini as lover and have sexual plesaure from her but in last they came in big trouble and till now they are suffering and once you get possased by yakshini curse you can never get cure easily and you have to suffer from so much problem that live permanent with you. Yakshinis are not for sexual plsaure at all or money making machine if you are influenced because of these all so you should avoid doing yakshini sadhana.

Yakshini Sadhana Siddhi Procedure

Yakshini sadhana siddhi procedure and vidhi is for those people who are on spiritual path and they want to achieve a big goal but due to their own need or family responsibilities they cannot do it so they can do the yakshini or yaksh siddhi which fulfill their basic requirement and responsibilities in direct or indirect way and make them free to go on the spiritual path and have success. It is not wrong to ask your deity to help you in financial problem, in earning proble, health issues or in any other kind of problem. You can ask your deity who is may be a yakshini or yaksh but you should not be greedy person. Maximum people who get cursed by yakshini sadhana they are those people who do the yakshini sadhana vidhi with keeping very wrong intention or desire in the heart and as you can hide your emotion, feeling, thought from human but you cannot hide it from supernatural power so they can understand you very easily what kind of person you are and why are you doing the sadhana and if you are the wrong person but daily you are disturbing a supernatural power by chanting yakshini vashikaran mantra so it is sure she has to come but when she will come with anger and force and in that time if you are not well expert and have any guru given protection or any kawach so she can really harm you.

Now the question is if yakshini sadhana is too dangerous like that so why we should do the yakshini sadhana and what is the benefit of it after having siddhi? So the answer is if you want to do the yaksh sadhana or yakshini sadhana so first prepare yourself at mental level, physical level and spiritual level to do cleansing of your own thoughts in mind that always make you thing wrong about feminine body. You have to develop a feeling where you see your sister and mother inside every women. When this feeling will be started you will be pure, also stop shouting, feeling angry, speaking unnecessary and taking non veg, pan, tobacco, alcohol permanent. Live pure till long time and also control your emotion, you fear, and your thought. Now when you think you are ready so than you start living as bramhcharya for sometime to check, can you live without masturbating and having sex with anyone, have you ability to control your sexual sensation? And after that if you pass that exam so you can now search for a guru to have guidance for doing yakshini sadhana. Any yakshini sadhana cannot harm you or affect you if these basic rules you follow that written above. Any supernatural power or yaksh yakshini never harm someone who is truly innocent by heart and he is just like a kid who make mistakes and learn. If you will ask 1000 people who have yakshini sadhana experiences so in that you will find only 50 people who have some blessings of yakshini in visible or invisible form rest get failed or suffer till long due to yakshini curse just because of their wrong intention in ritual and lust. We have many people who has done the yakshini sadhana and yaksh sadhana under our guidance and these people also made the mistake but they accepted our rule which we written above for you too. They did not any harm only their sadhana got wasted due to mistake and they had to do it again from beginning and it is natural, yakshini and yaksh are semi god means not actually god but they are below god level so you can also consider them as god or goddess but if you call them as sister or mother with true love and pure heart so they never harm you.

How Much Time Require For Yakshini Sadhana

If you will read internet content so maximum pages suggest yakshini sadhana siddhi is possible in 7 days 14 days 21 days easily but we advice you to think about it, Today in kaliyuga when you do a ghost siddhi (pret siddhi) in cemetary so a tantrik spend approx 6 to 8 month and daily he does hard work so then he get siddhi over a ghost, ghost is something which is not so far, it is already living in our own dimension due to his own karmic debts as punishment or due to death before time. So when a pret sadhana bhoot sadhana take time approx 6 to 8 months so how yaksh sadhana or yakshini sadhana is possible in 7 days 14 days 21 days? Yaksh and Yakshini are those entities who lives near our dimension, which means, they do not belong to our own world but they are in very close dimension so our chant vibration, request can easily reach to them and they can come also quickly then any devi or devtas because they are close to our own world. But yakshini and yaksh are very powerful and strong and have same ability and capabilities that you can expect from god. They can appear, disappear, can give wealth or make you poor, they can cure you from impossible disease or make you sick for whole life. They are so powerful at least for human being and to control them 21 days time is actually not enough. For doing yakshini sadhana approx 6 to 7 months you have to wait and do your hard work with patience. Daily chanting and ritual important, before siddhi you can see some sudden examples that indicates you are successful but never leave ritual until your yakshini comes in dream or in front and give you promise. Some people who are not eligible for meeting yakshini or yaksh face to face their karmic debts are not allowing them can also get help from a yakshini in invisible way but having help from her in some complicate problem and situations which not treatable from any other way.

Yakshini Sadhana Mantra
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Yakshini Sadhana Mantra
Yakshini sadhana mantra is not a easy process as today people are running behind this sadhnaa, even to do any yakshini vashikaran mantra tantra sadhana you need a true guidance, lot of time, patience and purity and innocent nature that a sadhak has to develop to attain siddhi in yakshini sadhana. If you want to know the truth about yakshini sadhana experiences so read our page.
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