Wife Vashikaran Mantra

Wife vashikaran mantraIn marital life problems, the wife vashikaran mantra gives so many advantages and keep your relations steady with the wife without any more complexity. In Indian culture, we always respect our marital relations and do the best to save it but sometimes due to the extramarital affairs, unnecessary in-laws interference, family disputes we experience many troubles that spoil the marriage and break families. The wife vashikaran mantra is a permanent solution to keep your wife’s mind in control and to make her obey you & your family.

Married life is something in which we expect romance, care, and commitment from our wife but some people don’t get it actually and live sad and depressed due to the wife’s attitude, daily aggressive fights, and abuses that happen unnecessarily.

Wife vashikaran mantra keeps the capability to determine the wife’s mind and to make her obey you and your family without any side effect, it is completely safe to use the vashikaran mantra for the wife back and experience the advantage of this spiritual work without any side effect.

If you are panic from your wife’s abusive nature and harassment and you want to win your wife’s love back using the vashikaran mantra so you can consult with our astrologer avijeet aacharya who is well versed and experienced wife vashikaran specialist astrologer online. You get effective vashikaran mantra for wife back + astrological consultation and remedies from him genuinely and results that come in reality.

Vashikaran Mantra To Control Wife

Vashikaran mantra to control wife is a very effective chant that makes your married life amazing and fills it with joy & happiness. As is simply recognizable by the headline, the vashikaran mantra to control wife keeps the mind of your wife in favor, keeps her loyal, and agrees with your comments and reclines her so much that directly gives help to stop unwanted fight and tension between the couple.

It becomes important in some cases to do the vashikaran mantra to control wife mind to get attention, obey & respect from the wife & to restore the married life again, never use this mantra to manipulate the wife for any reason or to get negative benefits of this mantra because mainly, all kind of vashikaran mantra for wife, Patni vashikaran, etc made for good reasons and to make human life more easy and smooth.


First, make an idol using clay of women and energize using pran pratistha pooja and after that take peepal wood and write the mantra on the idol using the wood of peepal tree. After that recite 11 rosary cycle of the same mantra written below and make the idol charged and then bury that idol inside a peepal tree or near it and daily give kumkum mixed water in peepal tree at the evening till 21 days. After that within some days only you will see favorable changes in wife attitude and she will be in control soon.


Om Hrim Sah Hroom Wife Name Mum Sewye Sewye Swaha

Get Your Partner Back With Our Genuine Vashikaran

Vashikaran Mantra For Wife BackVashikaran mantra for wife back is another gift from us to people who can’t afford paid vashikaran services for a wife. To do the vashikaran mantra for wife back, you must agree to accept all rules and regulations these are strictly essential for getting auspicious results by user.

Generally, it always requires to hire a recognized wife vashikaran specialist astrologer for doing the vashikaran mantra for wife back for perfection and prompt results but if you are unable to hire an astrologer so at least read the information below.

Using the powerful vashikaran mantra for wife back you can recreate the probabilities and hope to bring your wife love, consecration and respect back in life. You can restore your married life again but never use it for egotistical reasons. You must use only for good reasons and to fix your personal problems with wife for genuine reasons.

  • Begin the ritual from auspicious Tuesday
  • Donate sindoor at hanuman temple with jasmine oil or rub it directly by mixing sindoor jasmine oil together.
  • You should use kush made aasan to sit in the Hanuman temple to recite the mantra.
  • After chanting the mantra, donate 7 laddus to lord hanuman and offer a tulsi garland over the hanuman idol.
  • Leave Sankalp on Lord Hanuman Idol feet after chanting and pray for the result.

This procedure do every day till 41 days and in the last day, do the hawan from the same mantra there for fulfillment of your wishes. It is the very strong vashikaran mantra for wife back that gives results very quickly.


|| Om Hraam Hreem Hraoum Hang Hanumate Rudraye Kapilaye Sarwa Wighnaan Kchindi Kchindi Mum Patneem Aakarshaye Vashyam Hoom Phat ||

How To Do Effective Vashikaran Of Wife Quickly

This effective & Powerful vashikaran mantra for wife needs your attention, honesty, and dedication to gain propitious benefit and like our all previous mantra, it also needs refinement of the mind before doing the process.

You should keep facing north, lit ghee lamp with the name of spouse, use a red coral rosary which is relevant for this powerful wife vashikaran mantra. Meditate your mind over the flame of your lamp, imagine your wife’s face, and chant the given mantra 2021 times per night without any break or mistake.

Keep this procedure continue for 30 days and at last day, do hawan using the jasmine flowers, sandalwood and pure ghee & donate kheer to 11 virgin girls. If you are looking for a powerful vashikaran mantra to attract wife so it is the best ritual ever that you can simply perform and see results.


Om Lammm Shamm Wammm Jooom Aiem Kchem Twam Aakarshayami Aakarshayami Swaha

Patni Vashikaran Mantra Vidhi

Patni vashikaran mantra totke remedies are made for good aims to settle the husband’s wife’s life again. It is exclusively for recreating love, respect in wife’s reaction, and to get her emotions back for you. Patni vashikaran mantra, remedies, totke works only for those people who are really soft-hearted and don’t use vashikaran like holy power for wrong purposes.

Patni vashikaran mantra enhances the inner love of the wife and attracts her to fulfill her duties for the family, it never makes a woman zombie as maximum people expect from the vashikaran.

  1. At any auspicious Tuesday if you tie your 11 wife hair pieces with 11 clove pieces and bury inside a grave on the same night so wife stops using mind against you and live so pleasant.
  2. At dark moon night (Amavasya) if you take wife cloth and write Battista yantra over it using saffron and keep inside 7 bricks and daily light lamp over the bricks with the name of the wife so it does not matter how far she is, she will feel so excited and hurry to meet you or return.
  3. Daily pouring honey over shivling and rubbing from hands give love romance in life and give peace so much.
  4. Write 32sa yantra over wife photo and daily beat it from shoe 7 times in the morning so wife becomes scared from your face and never do anything against you. (this remedy use only when the wife so against you and you are innocent)
Wife Vashikaran Mantra
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