Videshan Yantra

Videshan yantra is a powerful diagram to create disputes between two people for each other and there are many different kinds of videshan yantra available in Hindu tantra which is for different kinds of purposes. Here we are giving you a very powerful and strong yantra for videshan which works so fast. This yantra should be written on an iron plate with the name of the enemy you should draw this yantra using hartal ink and after writing the yantra you should do the shodopchar poojan daily till 21 nights and light mustard oil lamp and after that bury it in the ground area somewhere with safety. Using this yantra you can make an enemy diverted and engaged in some work which becomes the cause of his self-destruction but never use this yantra for the wrong purpose otherwise the reverse effect will be fixed if you use it for an innocent person.


If you want energized yantra made from your enemy name and gotra you can write to us if your reason is valid and genuine this yantra can help you so we will make and send it to you.

Enemy Videshan Yantra (Powerful Videshan Yantra To Destroy Enemy)
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Enemy Videshan Yantra (Powerful Videshan Yantra To Destroy Enemy)
Enemy videshan yantra or the most powerful videshan yantra to destroy enemies is now available in kannada, tamil, telugu versions also. You can read our page to know the procedure and vidhi of enemy videshan yantra to destroy a powerful enemy. You can also contact us for any kind of help suggestion or taking services for videshan tantra anusthan and yagna.
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Tantra Mantra Yantra Anusthan Kendra
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