Sursundari Yakshini Sadhana

Sursundari Yakshini SadhanaSursundari yakshini sadhana is one another kind of yakshini sadhana that devotee can do to have wealth, prosperity and success and guidance and support from yakshini in his life. We all do our work with best but sometime when we are going in the toughest time of life, we get depressed and sad and due to financial blockage and health issues we surrender in front of situations. Many people face this problem in life once or twice and for all those people this sadhana is the best ritual ever that you can do to have support and guidance from supernatural power called yakshini. It is not so easy to make a yakshini appear in physical form by doing short term ritual and for this desire till long you have to keep your ritual continue to see yakshini from your own eyes and talk to her face to face but rare someone keep this kind of patience and do so long. Today maximum readers read a lot on internet where it is claimed to have siddhi within 21 days or 7 days maximum and also some teenagers who are not aware about tantra mantra sadhana siddhi, get influenced by articles and try to do the yakshini sadhana to have a girl who can live with them as girlfriend but in reality it is different. Sursundari yakshini sadhana you should do to remove unwanted obstacle, delays and blockage over financial matters and to have guidance and support and protection from yakshini help to have success and happiness and to have good health too. Sursundari yakshini sadhana can fulfill your health, wealth and success all desire and keep you safe from misfortunes too and if you keep your ritual continue without break so you can make her present too but for it, hard dedication, full control over lust and sexual desire, strict bramhcharya and daily ritual require without disclosing to someone else or for having support and help from yakshini you can also do short term ritual where you get benefited by sursundari yakshini sadhana but you do not get darshan from open eyes.

Sursundari Yakshini Mantra Vidhi

Sursundari yakshini sadhana you should begin from auspicious monday night. In this ritual you have to wear red cloth, seat on red colored aasan and frangances should be good in room. Keep a pure cow ghee lamp over wooden piece covered from red cloth near sursundari yakshini idol (prepare it before doing yakshini sadhana and activate it by help) also keep yakshini yantra on the feet of yakshini idol, now keep haridra ganesh on right side of yakshini idol and now do worship of everyone also yakshini yantra using panchopchar poojan. After worships pray lord ganesha to give you success in ritual and also pray sursundari yakshini to bless you and help you in your problem. Now recite guru mantra 108 times and ganesh mantra 108 times and after this you should do the sursundari yakshini vashikaran mantra 11 rosary cycle and keep the same process continue everyday. In offerings you can keep milk made sweet, fruits to yakshini daily also same you can offer to lord ganesha and that offerings only you can take, no one else should take it. During chanting the sursundari yakshini vashikaran mantra some sensation, increased lust and sexual thoughts can come in mind but you have to avoid it and control it.


Aum Aiem Hreem Sursundari Aagach Aaagach Swaha


Note: Do not masturbate, do not make physical relation with female, do not take non veg, egg, alcohol and don’t let lust and sexual thoughts control you, keep your mind always relaxed and you should sleep in the same room daily where you do ritual. No one should sleep with you. You cannot share about ritual with anyone.

Special: If you are fresher and you want to learn about yakshini sadhana so you can contact with us but we only entertain those people who are eligible for doing the rituals, if you are the one who wants to do yakshini sadhana and you feel you are ready for it and your intention is also good so you can contact with us. You can also buy sursundari yakshini ritual yantra, rosary and gutika from us and get guidance from beginning to end.

Sursundari Yakshini Sadhana
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Sursundari Yakshini Sadhana
Sursundari Yakshini Sadhana is the greatest yakshini ritual. Sursundari yakshini vashikaran mantra brings wealth health and success and fortune in the devotee life also give many auspicious gifts in human life. A devotee should do the sursundari yakshini sadhana siddhi vidhi under master. Contact us for complete information and also for buying yakshini sadhana yantra rosary and gutika.
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