Remedies Of Lal Kitab

Remedies Of Lal KitabRemedies of lal kitab gives easy cure from any unwanted problem and today remedies of lal kitab very famous around people because of its effect, results and cure. There are some powerful tona totka available in hindu religion which give you success in work, exam and remove the obstacle and also help in education. Tona totka are some easy upay which anyone can use for his daily problem also it bring auspicious result very fast if problem is not very serious. So lets know about some easy remedies for success, examination, education and to remove misfortune and obstacle in life.

  • Remedies for success in examination- For success in examination and education success, concentration in study and to keep something remembered so long wear the original and energized ganesh rudraksha in neck. Worship lord ganesha in his temple every wednesday and and offer him ladoo made from mung.


  • Remedies for promotions- Sukla Paksh which comes at monday, that day wear energized gomti chakra in silver pendent and also keep 7 energized gomti chakra in pocket all the time. It bring auspicious result for promotion and success in business also.


  • Remedies for winning court case- Keep 5 gomti chakra in pocket (energized) and also wear hathajodi on your arm when you go to the court, it helps you to win the case and to defeat anti party.


  • Remedies to have concentration in study- When sunday comes in sukla paksh, take 22 leaf of imli and in that 11 leaf donate to lord sun by saying chant om suryayeh namah and rest 11 leaf keep in your books. It will bring auspicious result, keep a crystal globe charged from saraswati vidya prayog in study temple, that also give concentration in study.


  • Remedies for success in the work- At dark moon night take a yellow cloth and make a triangle flag from it and donate it to lord vishnu temple, do it every thrusday your desired work will be done and successful.


  • Remedies for success in the business and to remove obstacle- If your business not going good and having problem in business, customer not coming in the shop so place a energized dhanda yantra in your shop at friday when siddh yog or amrit yog present in evening time and daily worship it. Your business growth will be there and all obstacle will be removed by this remedy.


  • Remedies to stop fight at home- If you always have fight at home due to the money and finance matters so take one energized dakchinawarti shankh and 5 energized kauri and fill the dakchinawarti shankh from basmati rice using the dakshinawarti mantra and and place in worship room, Daily do proper worship of it. all fight tention will be ended at home and peace will be there by this remedy. Do this powerful remedy for finance and fight at home at auspicious friday or at dipawali night.


  • Remedy To Control Anger- If any person at family is short tempered or get angry for small issues so fill the dakshinawarti shankh with holy water and energize it from the mantra and give the person for drinking. His anger and short temper will be removed.


  • Remedy for paying guest problem- If your paying guest is not leaving the house and having bad intention and troubling a lot so write his name over bhojpatra using the red sandal and dip inside honey bottle and seat it again and keep at your worship room. Do this remedy when dark moon present at saturday. Your paying guest will leave the house and never trouble you again.


  • Remedy for increasing sales- Take 11 energized gomti chakra and three energized ekanchi nariyal and worship it perfectly and tie in yellow cloth and hang over the main door of your shop and daily show dhoop and ghee lamp, your sales will be increased and your sales problem will be removed. Your earning will grow fast. Do this remedy at friday only,
Lal Kitab Remedies For Business Problem, Increasing Sales, Promotion In Job And Winning Court Case
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Lal Kitab Remedies For Business Problem, Increasing Sales, Promotion In Job And Winning Court Case
Lal kitab remedies totke for business problem, increasing sales and promotion in job given on page free to use for everyone. Lal kitab remedies for winning court case and lal kitab totke for concentration in study also given on page. If you are looking for any customized remedy of lal kitab for you with prediction and horoscope analysis so you can consult with us for help support.
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