Remedies For Promotion, Success In Job

Remedies For Promotion Success In JobRemedies for promotion and success in job bring success in promotion and job matters and bring auspicious result. For remedies to get promotion and success you should follow the tips and remedies to get promotion and job as written below

If you are not getting promotion so take 11 kauri and donate in goddess mahalaxmi temple every friday and pray to get promotion in the job.

If your shop is not running successfully or business going down so take the 7 kauri and energize using any mahalaxmi mantra and keep in money place and daily worship it properly.

When constructing new house or buying a shop, dig a hole and bury 21 kauri inside ground to have peace prosperity and success with peace there.

When purchasing new vehicle, take 7 kauri and fold in black cloth, hide it somewhere in vehicle so you will be protected from accidents and sudden harm.

If having interview, keep 7 kauri in your pocket when facing interview, your interview will be successful.

 Remedies For Money Problem

Remedies for money problem make you out from money worries and attract wealth to you. For doing remedies for money problem we are giving some best tips below which will give you good luck, prosperity and money in life. In any auspicious time or at akchay tritiya or full moon night, dipawali, wake up at early morning and get fresh and wear clean cloth, take a silk made red cloth and keep 11 rice pieces but rice should not broken, after keeping in cloth tie it and worship goddess laxmi and keep your tied cloth in her feet and worship it also perfectly and keep that cloth in your purse after worships and prayer. Your purse will never become empty and you have money all the time but never keep any unpure product, article in purse for having this benefit. Never keep any key in purse or useless things and also try best to have money.

It is best remedy for money problem which is very easy and safe to use also.

Remedies For Prosperity At Home

Remedies For Prosperity at home and wealth you should follow remedies that given below to have benefits. These are very easy remedies and give very quick result to person who do the remedies to get wealth and prosperity at home.

At every full moon day pour water in peepal tree

At thrusday give water mixed milk in tulsi plant

If you find any plant which growing below bargad tree so place that plant in your home.

Gullar root take at auspicious time and wear on your arm for wealth.

Take a iron vessel and fill with pure water and inside peepal tree shadow stand and pour the water slowly for wealth prosperity and to balance money flow in home.

Remedies To Prevent From Money Loss

Remedies to prevent from money loss you should follow the remedy that given below. For remedy to prevent money loss or to stop money losses you should sprinkle gulaal at every thrusday on main gate and light a pure cow ghee lamp which has two flame nodes and pray there to stop all money losses and prevent family from money loss. When lamp get off naturally, pour it in the river or lake.

Remedies For Promotion, Success In Job
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Remedies For Promotion, Success In Job
Remedies for promotion, success in job gives you prevention from money loss, financial losses. Remedies to prevent from money loss and remedies for interview success also very helpful for you if you are still unemployed and waiting for having a good job. Try our astrology remedies for quick job and Remedies For Prosperity At Home and get your wealth back.
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