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Remedies For Good HealthRemedies for good health gives you the cure from those problems for which you take a lot of medicines and take care a lot and also pay attention to health but do not get cure or get benefit after long-suffering so here we are giving you some very easy and effective remedies for good health that work fast and give you cure of unwanted health issues for best result do our remedies with faith and dedication and also maintain purity to have the cure. Remedies For Good Health are the best way to treat a disease or health problem using spiritual ways and cosmic healing techniques. In our ancient spiritual text, many remedies for good health given that are effective and work quickly for anyone.

1. To have good health and disease-free life so keep water in any copper glass at night for drinking at early morning, when you wake up, drink that water and keep the glass from the opposite side and also in the day time when you drink water always keep the glass in the opposite form, by this you get disease-free life and it also heals many liver diseases.

2.For heart disease, high blood pressure Ek Mukhi rudraksha and sixteen Mukhi rudraksha are best and if these rudraksha not available so eleven Mukhi rudraksha and seven mukhi or five mukhi rudraksha is best. First, get an original rudraksha as mentioned above and keep fast at pradosh or Monday and wash the rudraksha using gangajal and keep rudraksha over shivling and do rudrabhisheska of shivling and by speaking om namah shivay wear that rudraksha after rudra abhishesk in the black thread in the neck. That keeps you protected from many blood pressure and heart-related troubles.

3. If you already have a heart attack and want to have protection or always get diseases and suffer a lot from health complications so take a five mukhi rudraksha, one red hakik stone and 7 complete red chillies in red cloth and move around head 21 times and drop into the river and do this remedy for 7 days maximum at every Sunday and Tuesday to have an instant cure and disease-free life.

4. At any Sunday buy some flowers of cotton in the evening and at keep 5 flowers in a half cup water and leave it, take the early morning of Monday to take the water and remove the flowers, drink the water completely and keep the cup in the opposite form ( top part is now facing downwards )

5. Light one cow ghee lamp every day at home in the evening time and keep the flame should be in the south or east side.

6. At night burning Kapoor in the sleeping room stops nightmares, heal diseases, and also heals the debt of ancestors.

7. At every full moon make kheer at home, when it becomes cold, offer to the moon and also keep some kheer with the name of your ancestors and give some kheer to dogs after that. Repeat this remedy every full moon night to have wealth, good health, peace, and no worries in life.

8. If having any kind of health issue so take sandal honey mixture 3 times in a day.

9. If your son is ill so offer sweet to virgin girls, keep peepal wood near his pillow for the cure.

10. If the wife has any serious health issue to donate cows or if always in home female people suffer from health complications so keep tulsi plant and take care of it properly and worship it for removing diseases over female members of the family.

11. When sleeping keep your head at the south side always to have disease-free life and sound sleep.

12. If someone has health issues in family and not getting a cure after the treatment also so from any Sunday do this remedy till 3 days. Make sweet using wheat and take one water vessel and move both around the patient’s head and pour water into any plant and give sweet to the cow. Within 2 days that person will start feeling better than before and become fine soon.

13. At every dark moon night make a lamp using mehndi only and fill with oil when dry, keep 7 urad pieces, sindoor and 2 drop curd in the lamp and two lemon cuts and worship lord bhairav after that, recite maha mrityunjaya mantra 108 times and bhairav strotra 1 time and pray to make yourself disease free soon and take your lamp with everything and drop it into any dry well which is in the south direction from your house. Give food to brahman (male-female both) after that at same night and donate some cloth and also serve birds till 7 days. The instant change will appear in health problem and you will be cured.

14. If you get an idol over which some grass is growing so take that idol at Saturday in home after worship and in which room your patient sleeps, keep the idol there and worship daily at evening time using ghee lamp and dhoop and recite the mantra written below one rosary cycle per mantra to give him amazing cure from diseases.

|| ॐ माधवाय नम:। ॐ अनंताय नम:। ॐ अच्युताय नम: ||

15. If someone is so much ill and not getting fine so take jau 500 grams and mix  black sesame and make bread of it and bake it properly and with safety and after baking take some black sesame oil and gud and keep over bread and move around head of patient 7 times and donate it to  male buffalo. Do this remedy on Tuesday and Saturday only but do all with silence and without speaking with anyone.

16. Light incense stick over any grave or majaar after sunset also light mustard oil lamp and keep batasha there, pray to free you from disease and health problem. You will see amazing changes.

17. Choose any lake or river where fishes lives inside, from Friday start offering wheat sugar mixed pills to fishes, your patient will start becoming fine so fast.

18. At Friday night put some peanuts in water and at Saturday evening tie all peanuts in black cloth also keep one keel and coal piece in the cloth and tie it properly, throw it inside any well or lake, river after moving overhead of patient, repeat the same remedy till 3 Saturday your disease will be removed.

19. If you have so much problem in body so daily take bath at home from gangajal mixed water every day.

20. Every Tuesday and Saturday move some sweet over the head of the patient 7 times and offer to dog and keep it continue till 7 weeks without a gap to give desired person cure.

21. Masoor, Mung, Kali Urad, Jwaar take these 4 equal and make it total only 1kg and move overhead of patient 7 times and cook it after cooking mix oil and gud in that and put all in any clay bowl and keep on the 4-way crossing at noontime during 12 pm to 3 pm only and light one oil lamp there with incense stick and make a circle using water around everything and come back and take bath again. Your patient will be cured very soon.

22. At Saturday make Dalia using baajra and mix some gud in that, after cooking keep in a clay bowl, at evening near sunset time, take the clay bowl and move around patient body from left to right 7 times and from right to left 7 times again and keep at the four-way crossing and come back. Patient will be cured.

23. Boil the mustard oil and some black leather in that also one lemon, fitkari, keel and black bangles and keep all in clay bowl and move around patient head 7 times and bury in forest side. Do this remedy on Saturday.

24. If someone has the disease and not getting cure so take gomti chakra and tie with clay bowl and keep inside the patient bed. Within some days you see amazing changes in health.

25. If you have diseases and always live so ill so start donating wheat as per your weight at every Sunday continuously to get cure from that disease soon.

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