Remedies For Business Failure

Remedies For Business FailureRemedies for business failure give you backup in many situations where you feel hopeless and see no one around you to have help. Using spiritual remedies and tantrik remedies for business failure you can really get out from any sudden problem and bring success and business work back in life. Sometime when you are going in transit of saturn rahu like planet or when having black magic problem or evil eye or enemy attack over business so these remedies and mantra for business failure give you so much help and benefit to come back from trouble soon. We are giving you here some best tips and remedies which will end the problem also help you in different condition to have your peace and happiness back.

Remedy To Grow Your Business: Take a raw black thread in hand and stand in front of Sun at morning, do surya namaskaar and recite the mantra ” Om Hreem Ghrini Surya Aadityayeh Namah ” and give water to sun using copper vessel after it, in water always mix the roli, rice, sugar and red flower. Now show the raw black thread to Sun and meditate for lord ganesha and make 7 nodes over thread and keep that thread in your shirt pocket and try best to settle business problem, your all works will be successful.

Remedy to increase sale at business: If you wanna earn more from business and wanna increase sales so you should take offer worship to bargad tree at saturday and keep one supari, one paan and one rupee coin near tree and next day at early morning go there and take cut a part of that tree (small size) and at home worship it again and recite the mantra “Om Namoh Chand Alsur Swaha” 101 times and leave breath over it and keep at your business place and daily worship it. Your sales will be increased and you will be successful soon.

Remedy To Stop Working Against Desire: If you are doing some work against your own wish due to the presure of someone and wanna stop it doing so take some karpoor and some clove, burn it in kali temple everyday and eat it and wish for the work which doing against desire. Within some days that work will be stopped happening against your wish.

Remedy To To Rise Good Luck: At morning, wake up and feel from which nose breaths are coming more, that side palm see properly and kiss it 3 times and take the same feet on earth also start walking from that side leg also your good luck will rise soon.

Remedy For Business Loss: If your business is not going good and that is losses in business so take a glass made bottle and fill with mustard oil at saturday and pour into any river and repeat same for 7 more saturday your business loss will end soon.


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Remedies For Business Failure | Astrology Solution For Business Loss
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Remedies For Business Failure | Astrology Solution For Business Loss
Remedies for business failure and astrology solution for business loss can give you quick boost and increase your gains and finance easily. It is not any magic, it is a spiritual system where by removing malefic gaze of your planets and by increasing positive gaze of favorable planet we can make corrections in life. If you are looking for remedies totke for business loss and failure so lets read this page carefully or consult with us for help advice.
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