Mrit Sanjivani Mantra Anusthan

Mrit Sanjivani Mantra AnusthanMrit sanjivani mantra anusthan is the ritual that gives a quick cure from any serious disease or pain that is not curable for the patient using physical treatments. There are so many diseases and human body problems that are still not curable by medical science but the mrit sanjivani vidya has the power to cure the patient permanently from any severe disease or pain and give the cure. But, it is most important to do this anusthan without mistake and perfection is the main part of this vidhi.

Today, finding a knowledgeable Vedic expert is very tough who is well versed in ancient rituals and anusthan properly. Mrit sanjivani is not just a mantra that requires to recite several times. It needs to do complete vidhi of this mrit sanjivani anusthan by following the ancient vidhi of this anusthan that is bit complicated but effective intensively to cure any disease or pain quickly.

Mrit sanjivani mantra anusthan is more powerful than the maha mrityunjai anusthan that gives a similar effect but in the mrit sanjivani vidya prayog, the patient get more chances to get cure and relief from a disease quickly and it saves the life from death also. It makes the strong pranic aura shield around the patient that restores his life span and energy in the body also increase the curing process that heals the disease in a short time only.

What Is Mrit Sanjivani Mantra

Mrit sanjivani mantra is the creation of Lord Shiva that he gave to shukracharya in a war between asura and devta war. By using this vidya and powers, Shankaracharya gave new life to all dead asurs again. Mrit sanjivani mantra sadhana is really tough and it requires many secret yogik pranayam and some rules to hold and observe the strong energy of this mantra during sadhana. A normal person should not do the mrit sanjivani mantra for sadhana purpose. But, as anusthan, anyone can do it to get the benefits of this life-giving mantra.

It requires to follow every instruction, rules, complete procedure without mistake for the patient who is under deep suffering. For different purposes, aacharya has to recite the mantra with different numbers of times.

In severe health issues: 2,50,000 mantra requires

for cancer, paralysis, any coma condition total 5,00,000 mantra requires

In general health issues, 1,25,000 mantra requires

To heal an allergy, neuro problem, sugar, cervical problems 2,00,000 mantra Jaap and some spiritual yoga techniques require which heal the disease permanently.

How To Get Done The Mrit Sanjivani Anusthan By Us

If you have a health condition where your medical treatment is not giving you satisfaction or proper results, if there is any planetary problem or karmic debt over you which gives suffering & pain in life so you can hire our astrologer to get mrit sanjivani anusthan done behalf of your patient here. Our mrit sanjivani anusthan is affordable for everyone. We only charge for bramhan fees, hawan, and donation, Our astrologer doesn’t take any fee exclusively for this anusthan.

Our astrologer arrange your mrit sanjivani anusthan under his own supervision and complete it without mistakes, he personally checks the horoscope of the patient on call and predicts the possibilities and reasons and according to the horoscope and patient condition, he advises like how many mantras you need to get cure permanently and to revive your health again.

You can avail this mrit sanjivani anusthan service for health issues, planetary problem healing, ill health issues and to remove a karmic debt over you too.

How Much Time Mrit Sanjivani Anusthan Takes To Cure A Disease

The mrit sanjivani mantra anusthan start working after 2 to 3 days once our acharyas start chanting for you. It takes 30 days completely to cure a serious health problem. In some cases when there is a minor health issue only, it takes 10 to 20 days to cure the disease and make a patient fine. It is not an alternative of any medicine or treatment. It is a highly effective spiritual prayer that helps the body to cure by self and natural cosmic energy.

In some very serious health issues, where patient is near death, it takes more than a month to remove the health issues and akhand mrit sanjivani prayog requires in such condition where the condition is out of the control. It can hold death and restore the life span again.

If you want to know more about this mrit sanjivani ansuthan from our astrologer so you can call or Whatsapp to discuss your health issue, submission of birth detail requires to give answers to your question.

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