Mars In 12 Different Houses, Their Result, Remedies

Mars In 12 Different Houses - Their Result And RemediesMars effect in 12 different houses and their result and remedies : Mars is a planet which make people afraid from the name and people always call mars as “krur graha” but mars or mangal not always give the inauspicious effect to everyone and sometime due to mars many people reach at higher level of success and become wealthy and gain so much also. When we speak about Mars effect in 12 different houses and their result and remedies so it depends how mars is placed and in which house mars is placed. When mangal is well placed in his good signs it gives very auspicious benefit specially in his own mahadasa. Any planet never gives only inauspicious effect only even every planet has its own negative and positive effect which it gives according to the karma, transit and placing of the planet in your own horoscope. Here on this page we are going to explain Mars effect in 12 different houses and their result and remedies also which house what effect the mangal or mars give you and how can you remove its negative effect over yourself using mars remedies and totke or mangal remedies and totke.

Mars is a cruel planet that everyone knows but the it is not always important if cruel planet is placed in horoscope somewhere so it will give only negative effect. Mars is also a planet which gives benefic and malefic both results to native specially in the mahadasha of mangal/mars it can become a golden period for you if placed auspicious or if inauspicious in the horoscope and you are in trouble so no need to worry you can contact us for grah shanti, grah stambhan and grah dosh badha removing yagna, We provide all kind of tantrik solutions to remove mangal or mars related problem and our tantrik pooja will reduce the malefic effect and bring you back in normal life again. You have to understand every person have the 9 planets and 12 house in horoscope and everyone have some planet in bad position in the horoscope but all are living and working and happy, fine because tantra has solution for everything and karma also play big role in life. If by karma you are good and have tantra solutions also you can remove malefic effect effect of mars and make it benefic to have benefit and blessings in life.

Mangal YantraMangal yantra is very good remedy for removing mangal dosh or malefic mars effect. If you keep this siddh mangal yantra/ energized mangal yantra in home and daily do worship using chants and prayers so it removes and nullify the malefic effect of mars and keep you protected. For mangal dosh, any problem related to mars, or disease related to the mars this yantra is very auspicious for everyone. A real energized mangal yantra give very auspicious result to native.



Mangal Dosh Nivaran YantraMangal yantra pendent is also a good remedy for native if you are suffering due to the mangal dosh or mars related any problem or mars is malefic in horoscope so wear this energized siddh mangal yantra pendent in neck for permanent cure and protection everywhere. Mangal yantra is very auspicious and birth stone for aries. It also helps to reduce blood related diseases and problem if you have any. It also helps in blood presure, protect you from accidents, allergies and infections and also protect you if mars is malefic in horoscope so it nullify the malefic effect and make mars auspicious as much a yantra can do. For best result you should re charge it after every 12 months to have strongest effect of this pendent of mars.

Mars Effect In First House / Mangal in  1st Bhaw

If mars is in 1st house so lets understand 1st house belongs to your personality. Here from this house we know about your personality how is you. When mars is here it makes you too aggressive, it makes native short temper and create trouble in his marriage and relationship specially because in 1st house mangal make the mangal dosh, also you should see the moon sign or see the numbers which written in the first house for mars. For example if the number is 6 in the first house and mars is there so that means your mars can create so many trouble in the life of native due to the blood related infections and diseases and sudden accident can also happen but generally all problem never comes together in any life and if comes to only due to the very sharp bad karma of previous or present life. Mangal is 1 house result comes in positive and negative way time by time. It also make you independent and motivate you to have your own life style which can make you against the family rules sometime also. If mars is in first house so it become inauspicious for the brothers and make native liar sometime also. It can make your first wife die due to fire or accident, make your life partner ill or weak health and if your life partner has any planet which strongly placed in horoscope that protects from health complications so this mangal dosh can make your husband or wife angry, short tempered, make situations of fight and tension between couple and break up problem may arise or separation can happen.

Remedies Of Mars in 1 house

  • You should recite hanuman chalisha, vadvanal strotra daily 11 times
  • Take a clay bowl and fill it with gud and after moving over head 8 times keep in silent place at tuesday
  • Avoid red color cloths, avoid tuesday, be careful when you are on road at tuesday or driving somewhere
  • Keep fast at tuesday properly and do jap hawan in evening for mars in first house.

Mars Effect in Second House / Mangal Fal In 2nd Bhaw

Mars in second house make possibility for native to live as the elder son or daughter of his parents. Here mars in 2nd house make chances to get money from the in laws or financial support from in laws but here if you want to earn money from your own efforts so if mars is in 2nd house so here it gives you money, wealth and properties in life after lot of hard work and struggles but if mars is in Capricorn sign there and you also go in duration of mangal mahadasa so you can make everything so fast and within duration of 7.5 years mars can give you a new life also which will make your all desires fulfilled in his own duration. Mars in 2nd house also motivate native to flirt and cheat with friends relative if native do not cheat their friend of relative or have another planet anywhere which makes him honest and decent so native’s friend and relative can cheat or use native for their own benefits. Here mangal in 2nd house or mars in second house also makes give ego, scolding nature, strong shine on face to make other people in control and to get them down from words only. Native can become addicted from something due to mental stress and tension and here mars in 2nd house can also give some problem to native in educational growth and learning. You can get involved into fighting tension without any use for something which can create deep trouble for you specially in the malefic transit of mars. Native should always live friendly with their son and daughter, strict behavior for son and daughter can cause problem for you. If mangal in 2nd house so if native is small than his brother so it cause risk over life of big brother also, In marital life tension and stress always live between husband wife if malefic and also if malefic so in fighting with outsider sudden death possible for native.

Remedies Totke For Mangal/Mars In 2nd House

  • At noon time donate fruits to kids
  • Keep fast at tuesday
  • Keep red handkerchief with you.
  • Donate 1.25 kg or 5.25 kg musings into river at tuesday after moving over head 8 times
  • Donate 5 boiled chuhara after moving over head 8 times into river

Mars Result In 3rd House / Mangal in Third House 

Mars in 3rd house / mangal in third house make native alcoholic and so tricky and non reliable person if malefic also it makes native blood pressure patient in a age and in malefic condition and due to hypertension it can arise the situation where native can kill someone from known and unknown ways. Due to own hypertension and short temper and anger native make his own work damage and also gain bad reputation everywhere if malefic. Overall it makes native too aggressive and due to this anger he lost his own peace and happiness. Native always do everything in hurry which bring failure . If native control over his self and do all works after thinking so he get success little bit but after marriage he start getting his financial growth in life. Blood disorder are disease from which native can suffer.

Remedies Totke For Mars/Mangal in 3rd House

Wear silver ring in left hand and keep stuff of ivory near you

Wear energized red coral or siddh mangal yantra for benefit and protection

Never keep item made from elephant teath in home

Mars Result in 4th House / Mangal Fal in Fourth Bhaw

Mars result in 4th house is most inauspicious for the family life and for happiness and specially here mangal makes mangal dosh for native and this mangal dosh can be beneficial and malefic also it depends in which sign it is placed and it is benefit or malefic. If malefic so native suffer from dispute and fight or distance with family and it can remove all luxuries and comforts in life and specially from relationship and marriage native gets lot of problem if not followed remedies for mangal dosh so. Native keep so much anger inside and native become out of control very easily, health complications always make problem to native and in old age eye diseases are possible. If mars is in 4th bhaw, house and mercury is in 12th so it makes poverty problem for native and he suffers a lot from it. If mars is benefic here so in his duration mangal gives auspicious result and it can give benefits to native but if mars is in 4th house so prefer shanti pooja from mangal mantra 41000 chants and hawan and donation to bramhin for removing mangal dosh and malefic effect of mars.

Remedies Totke For Mars / Mangal in 4th House

  • Native should wear tridhatu made ring
  • Wear siddh mangal yantra in neck for cure
  • do not keep idol of gods in home
  • cover your bed sheet, pillow cover and sofa cover from red color
  • keep energized mangal yantra at worship place and daily worship it and chant mangal mantra and hanuman chalisha

Mars In 5th House / Mangal In Fifth Bhaw

Mars in 5th house / mangal in fifth bhaw so if malefic so it can make native alcoholic and engaged in sin or bad karma also generate so many problems for native and give eye diseases, it can get cheated by his friends and relatives and loose his money if native do not work from mind. Mars is a planet which known for braveness and courage, native who are influnced by mars effect,they always do the work in over confidence and to show their capability which turn them in loss. So when mars in 5th house and you are doing any work for business deal or any kind of job where money investment or risk you have to take so think perfectly about all negative and positive aspects to have safety. Mars always do not give negative effect only in horoscope. Sometime when it is in any auspicious sign and with friendly planet it gives very auspicious result to native which looks unexpected gains. Specially if mars is in Capricorn and and located in any auspicious bhaw of mangal so in mars duration, mangal mahadasha it gives so many benefits and gains to native and give him new level in life. If mars is in 5th house so it gives bleeding problem to his wife or excess menstrual problem.

Remedies / Totke For Mars In 5th House

At night keep a copper vessel filled with water near your head side where sleeping and next day pour the water on peepal tree

Keep a neem plant at the center of home and give water to it everyday

Wear siddh mangal yantra or energized red coral for safety.

Donate hanuman chalisha in hanuman temple at tuesday

In the supervision of experienced priest and astrologer proper mangal shanti should be done

Mars is in 6th House / Mangal in Sixth Bhaw

Mars in 6h house / mangal in sixth bhaw fal depends not only over mars even a horoscope should be examined from a genuine astrologer who is experienced about planet predictions to understand over all results but here we will know about mars effect in 6th house. In sixth house mangal gives blood pressure and piles like diseases and also native keeps so much sex desire and also likes to have other girls for relationships even after marriage, if benefic mars is present in 6th so enemies can never defeat you and in even tough times when all enemies are created a chain for native, native break the chain and come out from trouble and win over enemies.  But as sixth house also belongs to diseases and health issues so be careful about blood related problem piles or fissure like situations. If mars is in 6th house and mercury is in 8th house so native can loose her mother in childhood. If mars is sixth bhaw and mercury is in 12th so native brother sister suffer a lot.

Remedies/ Totke For Mars in Sixth House

  • Pour four dry coconut in river at tuesday after moving over head 8 times
  • At tuesday donate sindoor over lord hanuman and donate yellow sweet to devotees in temple
  • Wear energized mangal sarwarist yantra in neck for health complications
  • Donate hanuman chalisha and hanuman stuti
  • Worship virgin girls every month

Mars In 7th House / Mangal In Seventh Bhaw

Mars in 7th house / Mangal in seventh bhaw gives anger to native wife, destroy the marital life and give very inauspicious result in marital life and make native lonely or separated from life partner. Native destroy own marriage and relationship due to lot of anger and tension. Here mars also push native to make relation with another person or make multiple relationship but native get become successful or satisfied and remain sad because of the love losses. If mars is here present in seventh house so never take it lightly, always be careful from your friends and lover and specially from husband and marital life and from any experienced priest do the mangal dosh shanti and wear siddh mangal yantra and mangal keelan should become important every year for having safety in marital life and relationship success.

Remedies / Totke For Mars /Mangal in Seventh House

  • Always keep a silver boll inside pocket
  • Drink buttermilk specially at tuesday
  • Keep red handkerchief in pocket
  • Offer sweet to your own sister (if you have) at tuesday
  • Mangal keelan and mangal shanti should be done for native
  • Keep fast at tuesday and worship lord hanuman strictly

Mars Result In 8th House ? Mangal Fal In Astam Bhaw

Mars in 8th house give some malefic effect which written here, first you should know here mars or mangal make mangal dosh for native and also here mars become risky over the life of native till 28 years, blood related problem, infection and water related diseases which actually comes due to blood problem can become so serious for native and sudden accident, injury also possible for native time by time especially when in transit mars also in 8th house and stronger. With some people who have capricorn sign in their 8th house, mars become really very problematic and give long term problem as in this sign mars live so long in transit. It is also possible to get involved in any murder related problem due to the malefic effect of mars. Diseases always keep peace of mind lost for native and he become very sensitive. Mars in 8th house makes native able to take risk over his life and get involved in many risky works in his life and anger will be his attitude, sudden anger will be shown by native to people. Overall here mars gives many malefic effect which gives lot of problem and become a cause of his long term sufferings. Native should do mangal dosh shanti every year, he should recite mangal strotra and also he should do lord hanuman worships to reduce the malefic effect of mars in 8th house.

Remedies / Totke For Mars In 8th House

  •  Serve widow womens and take their blessings
  • Wear silver chain
  • Wear Mangal Yantra
  • Wear Tridhatu Ring For Mars
  • Avoid Tuesday And Be Careful About Blood Infection, Diseases,
  • Lord hanuman worship, hanuman chalisha, bajrang baan is auspicious for you.

Mars In 9th House / Mangal In Navam Bhaw

Mars/ Mangal in 9th house/ navam bhaw makes native short temper, at education native can face problem or leave education in between, study related problem also comes in native life. Make native liar and he get many blaim over him for those thing which actually he never did. If he will be honest so he will have false claims over him. He get success very slow and struggle a lot in his life specially to build career and may be in some conditions he can live on the spending on any women, If mars benefic here so here mars can give native high rise to person and give him everything specially in the mahadasha, duration of mars native can reach high goals and get name fame everything. For money related thing he has no need to worry.

Remedies / Totke For Malefic Mars / Mangal in 9th House

  • Donate 21 or 51 Hanuman chalisha in hanuman temple at tuesday till 7 tuesdays
  • serve laddu (sweet) to lord hanuman with sindoor at tuesday
  • Take a copper plate, cut in 7 square shape parts and bury in ground area.
  • Recite mangal mantra and hanuman stuti and bhairav pooja will be auspicious.

Mars in 10th House / Mangal In Dasham Bhaw

If mars in 10th house and benefic so it can make a person life successful, Give ultimate success and build career using his own efforts and by showing his impressions and his attitude and will power he gets so many thing which looks unexpected but here the 10th bhaw is karma bhaw so it makes person cruel or make some situation which motivate native or make native agree to do the cruel karma in some cases native can may be not cruel but strict by nature. Here mars make native winner in many works which belong to real estate, fire works or work related to mars If mars is in 10th and 4rth house has any auspicious planet and well placed so native reach higher goals in life and become successful fast. If mars have any malefic cruel planet with him so it destroy native life completely, If mars is here so your father can also have some problem if malefic and if benefic it can give benefit of lands and property to your father also. If mars is benefic in dasham bhaw and only affected by cruel planet so by doing grah shanti pooja you can remove inauspicious effect of it and get benefited by mars. Always careful mars is a cruel planet as known by people but cruel planet not only gives negative effect, Mars also give mixed result in his duration or mahdasa mars can show you maximum benefit and maximum problems another side so to reduce the mars negative effect you should follow the remedies given here below.

Remedies / Totke For Mars In 10th House / Dasham Bhaw

Serve someone who is childless.

Eat sweet foods at tuesday.

When boiling milk, always keep remember it should not come out from bowl.

Serve One eyed person.

Mars In 11th House / Mangal In Ekadash Bhaw Fal

If mars in 11th house and benefic so native earn from real estate and herbal works, spiritual work, construction works and if mars is benefic here and mahadasha also comes between 21 to 30 age so that give very auspicious result because the age between 21 to 30 is a time when your courage, body, will power all work strong and if in that time auspicious mahadasha comes so you can take maximum benefit of it. If mars is malefic here so it makes native worried due to loans, friends always cheat him and education get intruptted by any situation or due to the family problem or may be due to own wish, for earning native has to struggle a lot and very tough struggle.

Remedies / Totke For Mars In 11th House / Mangal In Ekadash Bhaw

  • Wear gold ring without cut
  • Keep black dog at home
  • Make a mark over head using saffron
  • For removing loans, debts you should wear mangal yantra and recite mangal mantra everyday
  • Keep fast at tuesday and donate yellow sweets (laddu) in hanuman temple at tuesday

Mars In 12th House / Mangal In Dwadash Bhaw

If mars is in 12th house so here you have to be careful from enemies, Enemy trouble always give problem to native. From your earning level, expenses will be more there in life. If you will 10 USD and spend 20 USD per day. Theif can steal at home if you do not live careful about home security so always keep your expensive item safe and lock the home before going anywhere. With your life partner, tensions will be there and you can fight a lot or due to some situation this fight and tension can become a cause of break up. Even in love relationship if mars in 12th house and love partner is non manglik so break up like situation arise and before any pooja homa yagna mangal shanti become important because mangal in 12 house make mangal dosh and if mangal dosh present in horoscope so in marriage and love relation it makes lot of problem. Here mars in 12 house can also make native childless,

Remedies & Totke For Mars In 12th House / Mangal In Dwadash Bhaw

Wear silver chain

Keep red handkerchief with you

Pour one kg batasha in water at tuesday after moving over body 8 times

Wear mangal yantra made from tridhatu

Donate one sweet breed cooked in tandoor to dog at tuesday after moving over body 8 times

Wear red coral in ring finger (only after consulting astrologer)

Mars Result And Effects In 12 Different Houses Of Horoscope
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