Mantra To Remove Bad Luck

Powerful Mantra to Remove Bad LuckMantra to remove bad luck is for those kind of people who always loose something or suffer a lot due to their bad luck and misfortunes in life. In reality bad luck is nothing and it is related to your own horoscope. Mantra to remove bad luck should be used if you have your complete horoscope detail so you can easily get out from this bad luck problem but generally people do not keep their birth record complete with them. Here we are giving you a very powerful mantra to remove bad luck which you can use for removing bad luck and misfortune.

One lamp using wheat and take one lemon 6 red chilli and 6 sweet pieces and 2 cloves and two black cardamons and keep all over a paan leaf near about 12 o clock at night and at any four way crossing way keep everything and light the lamp using mustard oil in wheat lamp and recite the mantra given below 11 times and come back, When coming back do not see behind you and never speak with anyone.

|| (Om Kali Kaali Sarwadurabhgya Grahanam Kuru Kuru Naashaye Naashaye Kaali kaali Om ||

When you are going to do the remedy, pray inside mind “o my bad luck, my misfortune come with me” and when you are returning back, pray “i am going back, given you all pooja, do not come with me again”

Do this remedy at every sunday night till one month and during remedy time never speak with anyone and never share this procedure with anyone, keep all confidential and after a month you will see amazing changes, your bad luck will leave your and good luck start coming in life. It is tested and working remedy for all those people who have very strong bad luck with them that you can remove using mantra and remedy now here as written above.

Effective mantra to remove bad luck and misfortune should be used when you are

Powerful Remedy For Peace And Happiness In Life

Powerful remedy for peace and happiness in life is for those people who earn good and live also very good and from outside if they see so all looks good but actually they have no peace and no happiness in their life and having so much tension with them so take root of ashoka tree with the clay of the root approx 1kg and at home filter it and remove dirt inside and with pure clay mix some saffron, kewda water, heena oil perfume, some naag jat and white sandal, black cow milk and now mix everything properly and make a shivling from it and keep it at worship room of your home. Recite mantra written below 108 times and put 108 bilwapatra also over shivling with chanting each time, next day keep all yesterday bilwapatra in a packet and do the same remedy again each day collect the bilwapatra and collect in one diferent packet after 7 days you will have total 7 packets of bilwapatra so now take one bilwapatra from each packet and keep in money place and rest drop in river soon. You will see divine peace and happiness and everything start coming in favor. Do not pour shivling in river, daily worship it without gap, Very soon your all problem will be solved and your life will be filled with happiness and peace without any more trouble.

|| Om Shivay Namah ||

Astrology Remedy For High Blood Pressure 

Wear a energized and original five mukhi rudraksha or five mukhi rudraksha made rosary in neck to remove high blood presure problem and have mental balance. Five mukhi rudraksha also have ability to destroy paap karma and sins of a person but rudraksha should be original.

Astrology Remedy For Quick Marriage

Remedy for quick marriage is for girls who not getting married and always see obstacle or some problem in their marriage proposals. Keep fast at every monday and worship lord shiva, also put one rudraksha and one bilwapatra every monday over shivling after lord shiva worships.

Mantra To Remove Bad Luck
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Mantra To Remove Bad Luck
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