Lal Kitab Remedies Totke

Lal Kitab Remedies TotkeLal kitab remedies and totke are very helpful for all kind of problem and it is easy to use for everyone. Today lal kitab remedies and totke are famous and known by everyone and people experience the effect of lal kitab remedies and totke in their life after trying it. We advise you to use the lal kitab remedies and totke as per your horoscope and astrology sign to have results. You can contact here for lal kitab remedies and horoscope prediction for your own problem. We are giving some effective and easy lal kitab remedies for education, success in love and lal kitab totke for early marriage and wealth money and fame below that you can use for the general problem of daily life.


Lal Kitab Remedies For Education Problem

    • You should wear a red coral in the copper ring on Tuesday charged from mangal mantra
    • Always keep a square silver piece in the pocket
    • Always keep 100 grams aniseed in red pouch inside pillow when sleeping and the next day pour in the river.
    • Wear a copper made coin in red thread in neck
    • Worship goddess saraswati in home and do her chantings.


Lal Kitab Remedies For Success In Love Relation

1.You should wear green bangle (if girl)

2.Wear white cloth at every friday and yellow cloth at thrusday avoid eating green vegitable and food at wednesday.

3.Meet with lover at full moon night and avoid meeting or conversation at dark moon night

4.Write the name of your lover over paan using black ink and keep inside bottle of honey and show incense daily.

5.Light a earthen lamp using mustard oil and keep it at evening time in south west corner of your home, pray to get desired partner soon.

6.Take some dust or sand of the feet of your lover at full moon night and save it on paper after that when alone take 21 grains of urad dal and 7 piece clove with dust or sand on your hand and pray your favorite god to make your lover crazy about you and live loyal and honest with you. After that fold the paper and keep inside any peepal tree root (hide it) next day take some sand or dust from paper and sprinkle over lover and rest sand or dust with clove and urad dal keep at home for some days. When your lover become 100% changed drop paper into river.


Lal Kitab Remedies For Money Wealth & Good Luck

1.Tie a red ribbon at main door of house.

2.Mark tilak over head using saffron and sandalwood every thrusday.

3.Keep Pomegranate plant in your house.

4.Wipe floors using salt water in evening.

5.Light one cow ghee, saffron and rose oil mixed lamp at north east corner of home after sunset.

6.Wear gold in neck and wear yellow cloths.


Lal Kitab Remedies For Early Marriage

1.Keep gauri shankar rudraksha with you and worship it everyday, you can wear it also for early marriage if you can follow restrictions.

2.Take a old lock and rotate around your head 7 times and throw it at any four way crossing and do not look back.

3.Fill a earthen pot with fresh mashrooms and keep it inside any masjid or holy temple.

4.Never drink milk after sunset.

5.Always keep a silver ball (20 grams) in pocket or wear on neck.

6.At every monday offer chunni, red cloth, red bangles, sindoor and red flowers to lord shiva and goddess parvati and keep fast also and do this remedy for 16 mondays.

7.If you can so keep rabbit at home and feed them from own hands everyday.

8.Keep plant of banana and pomegranate in any temple, take care of it. It gives very auspicious result.

9.Offer green grass and spinach to cow at every wednesday after moving all over head 7 times.

10.Give saffron mixed water in tulsi plant everyday.

11.Mix turmoric in pure water and take bath from it everyday.

12.Wear horse shoe ring in middle finger at saturday after energizing to fulfill any desire.

13.Give wheat and sugar to ants everyday.

14.Go to lord shiva temple and put original sandal paste over shivling for wish fulfillment.

15.Offer red cloth and sindoor to lord hanuman temple till 8 saturday.

16.Make triangle from red colored ink over white paper piece and write shreem and keep in pocket for wish fulfillment.

If you want to have lal kitab remedies for money, wealth, or lal kitab remedies for early marriage or lal kitab remedies for love relation problem or for education related problem personally as per your horoscope and manual predictions so you can contact us for help and advice.

Lal Kitab Remedies For Education, Good Luck & For Early Marriage
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