How To Remove A Curse Over You

How To Remove A Curse That Placed On Your Family

Spell To Remove A Curse Over YouHow to remove a curse over you? Curse and their reasons and solutions these are three topics about which we will read here to understand how it happens and how it comes to you. It’s not so tough to understand and find out the cause of your problem or how to remove a curse over you but it is a serious topic that you have to understand using the mind and by taking it seriously. You have to understand at the minor level and analysis some previous times that you already passed before to know the reasons and solutions for curses, ghost spirit attacks, and sufferings. So let’s open your mind and let the knowledge comes to mind and read this article seriously and carefully which tells about How to remove a curse over you and do not attach this topic with any religion, it is a topic that you can understand only when you think above religion and accept it from the open mind so let’s know How to remove a curse over you?

How to remove a curse over you: It is not always important like you started suffering in life and losing wealth, health, peace, family all so that means you have a curse, maybe you are suffering due to any malefic planet effect or having some problem due to the karmic duration and interesting thing is in malefic planet duration and karmic duration you see similar conditions and symptoms that come in a curse also so you can become confused like someone has done black magic on you or maybe you are thinking like someone has put a curse on you or wanna know How to remove a curse over you so before any decision always see your horoscope to find out the answer.

Yes! Horoscope has an answer to everything it is your own mirror face. Using horoscope reading you can easily understand How to remove a curse over you that was placed on your family and what is the reason for your problem and it is related to the planet or happening from any curse or ghost spirit.

If the horoscope says all is right and shows you have a good time and good duration but you have just the opposite phase in life so that means you have a curse or captured by black magic ghost spirit attacks.

Many people ask us, why they should consider astrology seriously when the solution is possible using tantra also and tantra is more powerful so let’s understand the tantra is also a method to generate some kind of energy using ritual and in astrology, we understand about all major nine planets that rule over us and each planet also spreading their rays and reflection and energy over every human being and nature and it is a system of nature to operate this world.

In this world, no one is there who is free from the planet’s effects and nature rules. This body is set with a program where we are born, we become young, we become old and die…it is a program that you cannot change same like body and body suffers from many incidents in life and get happiness, success, sadness, disease and pains and sufferings so if something is related to the planet so you have to make that specific planet benefic using remedies, gemstones therapy and chants or healing worships for planets to have the benefit.

Generally, in 80% of cases people do not get a cure because when suffering becomes started, people start knocking on the door of tantric, black magic experts and think, healers a lot how to remove a curse that placed on your family?

But never see their own horoscope or do analysis or consult the best astrologer and here your all efforts become wasted if you avoid or ignore the planets because planets are the thread of god using which he is operating each and everyone in this world and planets are a most important part of your life.

So here we know understand the importance of planets and horoscope and their role in our life. But in western culture birth time is very rare to find, they do not carry, there they believe in sun sign astrology that is quite good but not so effective like moon sign astrology, where you know and understand all about whole 9 planets and their positions to know your fate, your karma, your destiny, your path, a root of your problem and the solution also.

How A Curse Work Over You

Spell Breaking ChantHow a curse work over you that you must understand here, a curse means a word or a promise or some sentences which said by someone about you, but a curse is just an energy that may be said or may be generated by some spell or ritual to harm you but only energy cannot harm anyone.

It is just an energy, like soul, a spirit is also a form of energy and without body, the spirit cannot do something big, the spirit is waste without body and body is waste without soul that means all need each other, so same rule is here also, a curse works using the medium, that medium can be a book, a gift, a toy or a car or some ash or something else and sometimes in dangerous curse rituals may be an evil spirit that enemy can attach with the curse and that evil spirit start working to make the curse happen as it is said by someone but in all condition, something will be related to you that works as a medium.

When we want to make someone suffer using a curse spell so we send him something that he keeps at home or wear or use and always keep near him and when that item is with him, he will suffer and nothing will be helpful. A curse becomes stronger when an evil spirit is attached with it and curses ritual-charged ash or water you drink given by the enemy so that becomes so horrible and you can become completely destroyed within a short time only.

So if you have a curse or feeling you have a curse so just think about when you started suffering and before that what you have taken from someone? Is there anything like a book, toy, gift, pendent, gold, silver, or something that you have taken from someone and after that problem started happening or maybe someone met you and after meeting him, you came in trouble?

If you get answered so first destroy that item that you have taken or which is in doubt, burn it, next stop allowing the doubtful person at home again and instant contact a good Tantrik who is good astrologer and black magic specialist also to cure you.

If you do not destroy the medium, only using the mantra, tantra, healing, and prayers so nothing will be beneficial because for a permanent cure you need to destroy all the communication between you and the medium also you have to destroy the evil spirit, if you do this both thing so all problem becomes solved automatically and curse stop working because the medium is the evil spirit that working to make curse true and if evil spirit will be destroyed so curse only cannot do anything.

In Which Conditions Curse Become Extreme Powerful And Harm Someone Seriously

Break The CurseIn which conditions a curse becomes extremely powerful and harms someone seriously that you have to understand here below. Read it carefully. If your house has Vastu dosh already that means negative energy already exists there so in that case if someone does curse over you so curse become most powerful because it gets combined with the Vastu dosh and generates more power that makes extra negative energy to harm you physically mentally and financially.

Also, If you have a duration of any malefic planet over you like Saturn or Rahu and that planets are not auspicious in the horoscope and Vastu dosh also there in home and someone does a curse spell so you get affected so seriously and in that condition, serious medical emergency, sudden death, lost of peace, family breaks up, court case, custody, and jail-like problem arise that is enough to make someone come on the road in a short time.

In that kind of problem, any prayer, chant does not work without interfering in the problem by an experienced tantric. The curse also becomes so powerful in case you have a debt of ancestors with you that means if in your family any beloved died due to accident, medical problem in young age or before this actual time of death he died so his spirit does not peace and they spirit hurt family members a lot to have peace and to make you forced to do something for his moksh and if any evil spirit gets attached with that spirit so that hurt so much because they become two different enemy who has same aim to destroy you.

In that case, pleasing ancestor spirit and to make him in favor become important + Vastu dosh healing is the second important part and when you do these remedies so evil spirit easily becomes so weak and then to send him back or destroying him become so easy for you but for this, an expert level black magic healer require who also have good command over evil spirits, astrology and Vastu remedies.

How To Break A Spell Or Curse Someone Put On You

How To Break A Spell How to break a spell or curse someone put on you that you must understand before trying something to send it back to the sender, As above we have written so now we know what is the curse and how it works for you so if you are trying or thinking to break a spell or curse on you so before that make sure you are enough and capable to handle it by self-healing because if you do some prayers to remove curse spell so that means you are trying to hurt energy or spirit that already exist in your family or home or with you, if your prayer is not so powerful and enough to break the curse so do you know what happens?

It creates a situation like if you challenged a person to fight who is 10 times stronger than you so what will happen the same thing will happen here with you because you are a normal human and he is an invisible power so when if you wanna know how to break a curse spell someone put on you so before doing any prayer, ritual or chant at home for breaking curse spell, consult an experienced black magic healer to do analysis and to tell you how much powerful curse is and what kind of spirit is doing work behind it and what he wants, without knowing the power of your enemy, the direct attack can become very costly for you.

Some people feel curse is something that can easily they can remove but actually that is just a tough time of karmic duration that comes over everyone and goes at the time automatically but if someone really sends you a curse so when situation start arising, that anyone never likes to see or face in life.

If you are cursed by an evil power, having too many problems in life and after trying a lot, by using any tantra mantra, chants, rituals, prayers, and remedies nothing helping you and situation is still the same and you are now empty inside and outside so let’s contact us for help. We will guide you step by step and give you distance healing services that will remove all your problem but for authentic healing, confidence, and patience required.

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