Grah Badha Keelan Mantra

Grah Badha Keelan MantraGrah badha keelan mantra and navgrah stambhan totke remedies and planet malefic effect removing chants are mentioned everywhere for 9 different planets but there is no information about any divine mantra which can heal the planet curse over someone. Here is an rare mantra which we are showing below Grah badha keelan mantra and navgrah stambhan totke remedies has power to remove curse of all nine planet over user and make him free from planet debts for sometime. It is not permanent solution but in tough time when you are trying all remedies for planet healing but having no benefit after trying all gem stone, chants, shanti pooja etc so use this chant and do the ritual to heal all 9 planets but to have continue benefit you have to do hawan everyday from 501 chants. To do the ritual you need navgrah samidha which easily you can buy from any pooja shop. Navgrah samidha means woods of nine planets like peepal wood, sesame wood, neem wood, sandal wood, etc all woods collect first approx 10kg each and keep for doing ritual everyday. After that at night time, keep hawan kund and do the formal worship of hawan kund and also the ganesha and goddess kali saraswati and laxmi for each god give aahuti in holy fire after that mix all woods with hawan material and do the hawan from gaytri mantra 108 times and than 108 aahuti from the chants written below and pray to become free from all nine planets. Repeat the same ritual again and do it every night but keep it very confidential and never share with anyone, also do in private room or in open area but anyone should not see your ritual. If you do this ritual for 11 continue days so you can see the result and changes in life and all malefic effect of saturn, rahu, ketu, mars like cruel planet, or sun moon mercury jupiter venus malefic effect will be end but if you stop doing ritual so all will become same like before so if doing this grah badha removing mantra sadhana so you should do it till next transit of planet to have permanent protection. Sometime when you are in shani dhaiya or having rahu in 12th, 2nd, 4rth so you should do this ritual till next transit of rahu or shani but it is sure if you do this ritual daily so any planet cannot harm you in any way.

|| ॐ ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं दह दह ||

Grah Badha Keelan Mantra | नवग्रह के दोष दूर करने के अचूक उपाय
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Grah Badha Keelan Mantra | नवग्रह के दोष दूर करने के अचूक उपाय
Grah badha keelan mantra totke remedies are very powerful and known as navgrah stambhan mantra or keelan mantra for navgrah dosh that can protect from all nine planet malefic effect and turn a bad time into good time easily. Using the grah dosh badha keelan mantra you can remove all known or unknown planet problem in life and protect yourself from negative effect of your horoscope and transit easily.
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