Free Gemstone Recommendation Report By Lal Kitab

Free Gem Stone Advice By Lal KitabDo you want Free gemstone recommendation report by lal kitab so lets read our article here which give you lot of knowledge and information to make you aware how to select your own lucky gem stone to attract fortune in life and have benefits. astrology remedies are very beneficial to have relief from sharp malefic effect of any planet or to gain something which not coming in life after so much hard work and dedication in same. Sometime when we work a lot to have something but after trying so much and after putting so much in related direction nothing comes as benefit or gain and sometime people go in serious depression because of it. Here giving you some very effective astrology gemstone remedies and totke which you can use to solve the serious problem of life and become successful to win over any problem that is related to anything and that become possible using gemstone recommendation report by lal kitab

1. If you are childless and having some problem in child birth so husband should wear yellow sapphire in first finger in gold ring energized properly from jupiter chants at thrusday. Wife should also do remedies if 5th house is disturbed by any malefic planet.

2.Wear pearl and red coral mixed bisa yantra in silver pendent and pendent bisa yantra should be energized. You will earning and money profit will be increased very fast.

3.If you are not getting social life and social life not growing so wear 4 caret Hexagon emerald in gold ring. Your wish will be fulfilled soon.

4. If you are in modeling or acting job or having any work which come in art subject so you should wear energized ring of 10-15 cent diamond energized by venus mantra to have success.

5. If you are in politics or wanna make political career and not getting success so wear 3.5 caret Peacock blue sapphire in silver ring and in left hand wear 5.5 caret hessonite gem in gold ring to have ultimate success in politics, some native who have benefic jupiter can wear yellow sapphire also in first finger to have political success. But rings should be energized properly as per horoscope planet positions.

6. To win court case or to make career as lawyer or judge you should wear triangle red coral in gold and copper mixed ring after energizing in ring finger at tuesday.

7. To get govt jobs or non govt jobs and to have success promotions etc you should wear 4 caret ruby gem in gold ring after energizing.

8. If your family life is not happy and having so much tension in family life so husband should wear 10 cent diamond in energized silver ring and wife should wear 5 caret milky pearl in last small finger.

9. If you are ill since long time and having any disease so wear 5 caret pearl in last small finger in right hand and in left hand wear 7 caret moon stone in energized silver ring also wear energized and activated sphatik and red coral mixed rudraksha rosary in neck for having amazing health benefit and cure.

10. To have success in every field of life wear energized rosary made from nine gems in neck. It removes all kind of obstacle and problem in life and give happiness, wealth everything.

11. If you are getting failed in each and every sector of life and famous as looser so to change your luck wear locket made from the 3 gems and that 3 gems should be chosen as per lord of fifth house, first house and ninth house.

12. Labrodorite is a gem which do automatic cleansing of body, soul and increase aura. You can wear this gem also to increase magical capabilities inside you if you belong to sorcery or magic works.

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Free Gemstone Recommendation Report By Lal Kitab Astrology
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Free Gemstone Recommendation Report By Lal Kitab Astrology
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