Fast Working Vashikaran Mantra

Fast Working Vashikaran Mantra

Fast working vashikaran mantra means those vashikaran mantras which work fast and quickly when you use for any reason but these kinds of fast working vashikaran mantra work for general issues only. Because the real working vashikaran mantra is for simple and fast use only when you have some problem and time not gone so much and the case is not so old so in that condition, you can try the fast working vashikaran mantra and remedies to fix the problem quickly without delay but if your case becomes so old so maybe these remedies cannot work but if something so serious with you so you can contact here for help support also.


Supari Vashikaran Mantra: Supari vashikaran mantra you can use by infusing supari from the name of lover and give him or her to eat into pan or betal directly mixed in foods. At any auspicious Friday night take betal and keep in the mouth inside the tongue and chant the mantra written below 501 times and take out the betal from the mouth and next day or within 24 hours give the desired person to eat from your hand. If you cannot give him to eat direct so mix in any food as powder of betal.

Mantra- Om Dev Namo Haraye Thah Thah Swaha


Fruit Vashikaran Mantra: For fruit vashikaran mantra you should take fruit in hand and recite the fruit vashikaran mantra 10 thousand times and leave breath over fruit to energize and activate it and after that give that energized fruit to beloved for eating so he comes in control and become normal with you.

Mantra- Om Hreeng Mohini Swaha


Water Vashikaran Mantra: For Water vashikaran mantra wake up in the early morning and after bath takes clean water in hand and energize the water from the vashikaran mantra, recite the water vashikaran mantra 5001 times and give the desired person to drink within 24 hours to make him cool down and in control.

Mantra- Om Chimi Chimi Swaha


Enemy Vashikaran Mantra: For enemy vashikaran mantra you should take 7 red chilies with branch and light holy fire in havan kund and recite the mantra and put one chili inside holy fire like this put 7 red chili inside the holy fire and do it every day for 21 nights so your enemy will be destroyed.

Mantra: Om Kreem Enemy Name Dah Dah Swaha


Women Vashikaran Mantra: For women vashikaran mantra take some gud in hand and recite the mantra 121 times and put all gud inside your pillow and sleep and next day makes women eat it in any form to so she will be influenced by you.

Mantra- Om Namo Maharyakshaya Mam Name Me Vashya Kuru Kuru Swaha


Kamakshi Vashikaran Mantra: For using kamakchi vashikaran mantra you should have some blood of ring finger. Take blood and recite the mantra 251 times and energize it by leaving breath over blood and mix in food or drinks of the desired person so he will be influenced and come under control.

Mantra- Om Namoh Kamakchi Devi Name Mei Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha


Many easy vashikaran mantra and remedies work fast and quickly in the general problem but as people don’t know about it so they start doing the anusthan and yagna by the help of priest but when sometime you have an old case which not getting solved by remedies and easy mantra for vashikaran so you should consult a vashikaran specialist for help advice and support because an old and complicated case should be treated by a specialist only. You can contact here for specialist advice and support.

Fast Working Vashikaran Mantra
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Fast Working Vashikaran Mantra
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