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Yantra For Baby Boy During Pregnancy

Tantra Mantra

Yantra for baby boy during pregnancy is the yantra that work to concieve male child during time when you are pregnant. Using this yantra you can get male child and baby boy. Some married couple always get female child after pregnancy and after 4-5 births they want to have a male child but always become hopleess that happen due to the age difference between husband wife which become cause of this problem but using yantra you can try to have a baby boy. To use this yantra you should draw this yantra on panchdhatu plate and wear it on waist. After wearing yantra there is a mantra that you have to recite daily 501 times to have a male baby boy in conceiving. After wearing the yantra to concieve baby boy or male child you should make sexual relation at 4rth, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th day after period and before making relation you and husband should drink swarn bhasma with milk and after relation never go to bathroom toilet within 30 minutes. If you do this remedy and wear the yantra also and chant the mantra so this yantra gives male child and baby boy after pregnancy and it is very powerful yantra for this purpose.

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