What Is The Use Of Rosary, Beej Mantra And Samput

What Is The Use Of Rosary, Beej Mantra And Samput, What is the meaning of specific rosary, beads, samput and mantra in meditation and why we should use the related rosary and use related chant and samput with the mantra that question comes in every mind who is doing ritual or do meditation and learn tantra mantra from guru. So know here why we use different rosary beads, mantra and samput in ritual and meditation.

In meditation beads are must and different beads have different energy inside which help us to generate or attract the desired energy for our need and reason. What Is The Use Of Rosary, Beej Mantra And Samput ? For example in ritual if you are doing any chant for wealth, money and prosperity so for this purpose you should use the gold made rosary, silver made rosary, gold or silver bead rosary, if you cannot afford so gem based rosary you can choose which have energy of wealth and prosperity to attract the same power from universe for you.

In many advanced ritual, high level sadhna we use different kind of rosary for different purpose.  The rosary bead should have equal size beads and tulsi, rudraksha, padam beej made rosary and gold and silver metal made rosary are also known for different kind of sadhna siddhi in tantra.

Know About Rosary, Beej Mantra And Samput

Now, know for which reason and purpose which rosary should be used :

Shiva shakti mantras – Rudraksha.

Vishnu and Lord Krishna mantra – Tulsi

Death inflicting mantras – Padam Beej

Mantras for wealth – gems, jewels, gold and silver.

Beej Mantra : A mantra is full of shakti and there are various beej mantra each with it own power. When mixed with other mantras, they provide extra power to that mantra. Basic beej mantra “Om” is further expanded into the following types of beej – yog beej ,tejo beej, shanti beej and raksha beej, which are respectively known as aeng (aim) hreem, sreem, kreem, kleem, dum, gam, glaum, lam, yam, aam or um or ram.

There are some one word beej mantras which are particularly suitable to young boys and girls who can repeat them with zest and faith, to secure good results. Few of them with their purposes are –

1. Kshasraum – Narsimha bija.Removes all sorrows and fears.

2. Aim – Saraswati bija.Makes proficient in all branches of learning.

3. Shree – Lakshami mantra.Leads to prosperity and contenment.

4. Hareem – Bhuvaneshvari mantra.Makes a person leader of men and help get a person all he needs.

5. Kaleem – Kamraj mantra. Fulfills one’s desires.

6. Kreem – Destroys enemies and gives happiness.

7. Dum – Durga beej. One gets whatever one wants.

8. Gam Glaum – Ganesa beej. Removes all obstacles and promotes success.

9. Lam – Earth beej. Helps to secure good crops.

10. Yam – Vayu beej. Help secure rains.

11. Aam Um Ram – Beej mantras ao Brahma,Vishnu and Rudra.

Samput : Samput are some specific words used in the mantra. These can be used at the start, middle or end of the mantra. The samput has great shakti and should be used carefully.

Gayatri Mantra “Om bhur bhava suha tatsa vetur vareneyam bargo devasyaha dhimi diyo yona parachodayat.” Few words can be added after Om bhur bhava swaha as samput to fulfill various desires. Some samput with their purposes are given below.

Om aeeng kaleeng soo – for proficiency in words.

Om shareeng hareeng shareeng – for wealth and comforts.

Om aeeng hareeng kaleeng – enemies are destroyed, troubles vanish and the individual is blessed with joy and happiness.

Om shareeng hareeng kaleeng – Blessed with progeny.

Om hareeng – Recovery from diseases.

Om aeeng hareeng kaleeng – Protection from all evil forces. Hopes and wishes are realised.

Practical Uses Of Mantras

For education : “Om kreeng kreeng kreeng”

For attaining moksha : “Om shree hreeng kreeng krishnaye swaha”

For wealth : “Om namo dhandaye swaha”

For success in elections : “Om emminder vardhaye shteriyame ma emam vishmek virsham kirinu tawan”

For fame : “Om giravargrateshu hirnye ch goshu cha”

For successful completion of all jobs : “Om namo sarvarthsadhni swaha”

For reduction of rash temper : “Om shante parshante sarv karodh pashnon swaha”

To attract one or all : “Om chamunde tarutatu amukaye akarshaye akarshaye swaha”

Besides these purposes given above,there are mantras for fulfilment of all kind of desires and for reduction of all kind of flaws. There are mantras for worship of different Gods and Goddesses and pleasing them to fulfill one’s desires.