Vidweshan Mantra For Enemies

Vidweshan Mantra For EnemiesVidweshan mantra for enemy trouble is for creating fight, tension and dispute between enemies or two people. Using the vidweshan mantra power true and old friends can become enemy, lovers can become separate, a marriage can get broken because vidweshan mantra work as break up spell and its effect is very powerful for the same purposes. Vidweshan mantra has good and bad both effect over our life and it depends with what intention and which reason you are using this vidweshan mantra to destroy enemy. Some people misuse the power of vidweshan mantra as you can see a very good marriage which had no issues, suddenly got damaged and husband wife became enemy for each other and get divorced. Why it happens? just because of the astrology problem or because of the vidweshan mantra sadhana which someone do for his own selfish desire or for revenge purpose. Vidweshan also have its good effect as if you have seen extra marital affair of your husband or wife and want to break it so using vidweshan mantra easily you can do it also if your son or daughter is going on wrong path and you want to safe him or her so using vidweshan mantra can you make him her separate from bad people.

Here we are giving you some powerful vidweshan mantra vidhi for your use that can help for enemy trouble or safety and to save yourself.

make idol of the person with whom you want to create dispute, do the pran pratistha pooja of them to energize and than light oil lamp in front of both idols and sprinkle kumkum, sindoor over it and cut lemons for them and keep your hand above the head of both idols and chant the mantra written below for 3 hours and do it till 21 nights, after that one idol bury in shamshan and second bury in any graveyard. Within sometime they will be separated.

Barah Sarson Terah Raai, Yaar Ki Maari Mashan Ki Chhai, Pakar Kar Maaroon Kar Dalwar Name Kudhai N Dekhe Name Ka Dwar Meri Bhakti Guru Ki Shakti Phuro Mantra Ishwaro Wacha Satyanaam Adesh Guru Ka

After the chant sprinkle some raai, sarso, and ash of graveyard and shamshan over idols everyday. After 21 nights of ritual do the hawan also using wood of aak, When you bury take the clay of shamshan and graveyard and throw near their gates also for best result. They both will start fighting each other and soon become separated.

Note: If you want to get vidweshan mantra anusthan yagna done behalf of you to divide two people or to make them separated or worried about enemies so lets contact here, we will guide you if your work is genuine and not having bad intention without reasons. We provide all kind of solutions for vidweshan purpose.


Vidweshan Mantra For Enemies | Mantra For Controlling Enemy
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Vidweshan Mantra For Enemies | Mantra For Controlling Enemy
Vidweshan mantra for enemies is the powerful mantra for controlling enemy or to make an enemy diverted permanent. Mantra to shut mouth of enemy is the chant that make your enemy stop troubling you instant. Read this page to know all about the vidweshan mantra yantra and totke remedies.
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