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Vashikaran Yantra For Controlling A Person

Tantra Mantra

Vashikaran yantra for controlling a person is best yantra to control a person who is trying to damage or harm you in any way. Sometime when your family member, friend or relative who is very close to you start saying wrong thing and behave like enemy and after discusssion, convincing and everything he is not agree to listen you and always searching to find a way to damage reputation of yours so this powerful vashikaran yantra to control a person can help you to make him or her in control and to make his mind diverted and stop damaging reputation and abusing. You can use it for family member, friend, relative or anyone who behave like an enemy. Write this yantra at saturn of krishna paksh only, take a wooden piece and keep some black lentil over it and light a mustard oil lamp. Do it in dark room only and collect the carbon from the flame and smoke of your lamp over a plate. When enough carbon you collected so take so mix some mustard oil witht the carbon also so it can become like a black paste, using that paste write the yantra using any wood over bhojpatra (two copies) the first copy energize and wear in neck and second copy keep safe and do daily worship it and pray for your desire so the related person will be cool down and stop behaving like enemy and get diverted soon. It is the powerful yantra to control a person who is harming you in any way.

Note- If you want energized yantra to control particular person from your name and gotra so you can contact us. We will make, prepare, energize and send you at address for use.

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