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Shabar Vashikaran Mantra For Love Back


Shabar Vashikaran Mantra For Love Back

Shabar vashikaran mantra for love back is famous for the easy way of shabar mantra and the instant result. Using shabar vashikaran mantra for lover you can attract or get your ex love back and make him in control. Have you heard about cloth vashikaran mantra, sweet vashikaran mantra and clove or lavang vashikaran mantra,elaychi vashikaran mantra? these all are shabar mantra for vashikaran that available in different formats but all are shabar vidhi for lover vashikaran and as we all know the vashikaran work better and change someone so fast if you make someone feed energized food and drinks using vashikaran vidya. Yes ! doing a shabar vashikaran mantra for love from distance, work but take time to show changes but if you energize food and drink using vashikaran mantra so that work so fast because it directly goes inside body and mix with blood and make a wireless communication between you and desired man which make you allow to access him using your powerful shabar vashikaran mantra vidhi and tantra vidya. Here we are showing you some ancient shabar mantra for love vashikaran that you can use at home to get your lost ex back and also you can use for marital life problem. Guru gorakhnath shabar mantra for love back is the most famous shabar tantra that work very powerful. Read below to have some very old and ancient mantra to get lost lover back.

Shabar Mantra For Love Back

To do Shabar mantra for love back you have to do siddhi over this mantra to use it when you want to attract or control lover. Using this shabar mantra for love back you can attract your lost lover, you can control him to do not leave you, you can get his love and respect for you again also. Powerful shabar vashikaran mantra for love back you can do during any moon or sun eclipse time, Ask any astrologer to have a exact duration information for eclipse time. During the eclipse time you should seat on red cloth, face east direction and do the pooja of your deity and after that using red coral rosary you should recite the unlimited chants of the shabar mantra for love back that written below. Do it again whenever eclipse comes and when you reach at level of 51000 chants so guru gorakhnath shabar vashikaran mantra for love will be unlocked for you and after that whenever you will do this mantra at 501 times you can attract or control lover so easily. It is simple and easy and as per my advice, you should do this shabar mantra for love back now to have siddhi over it to use it instant when you want in your love life. Problem never comes with any alert notice so keep your mantra siddhi done to have benefits when you really have some problem in love life.


|| Om Namoh Urvashi Kaam Neegaari Succhi Raja Praja Sab Rahe Piyari Amuk Ko Mantra Padh Hridaye Lagau Uthati Baithti Ninjdasi Banau Mere Par Jaye Uski Jaan Mashaan Vash Na Howe To Guru Gorakhnath Ki Aan ||


Shabar Mohan Vashikaran Mantra

Shabar Mohan Vashikaran Mantra

Shabar mohan vashikaran mantra is best remedy for those people who wants to have mohan vashikaran power to attract and make everyone in favor. To do the shabar mohan vashikaran mantra you have to prepare a mohini tilak using gorochan, banana paste, saffron and original astgandh, keep this paste in a box and recite this shabar mohan vashikaran mantra 501 times and throw your breath over paste each time. Do it at sunday night only when dark moon also present there. After that keep that paste safe, when you need, make a tilak over head using that paste and recite the mantra 11 times and leave breath over body and where ever you will goes, all people will be influenced by you. To use this powerful shabar mohan vashikaran mantra you should recite this mantra that written below using red coral rosary.


|| Hatheli Me Hanumat Base Bhairo Base Kapaal Narsingh Ki Mohini Mohe Sab Sansaar Mohan Re Mohanta Veer Sab Veeran Me Tera Seer, Sabki Najar Mujhpe Rahe Tail Sindoor Chadhau Tujhe Kala Gora Totla Teeno Base Kapaar Binda Tail Sindoor Ka Dusman Jaye Pataaal Duhayi Narsingh Ki Hume Dekh Sab Sheetal Ho Jaye Satya Naam Adesh Guru Ko ||

Shabar Vashikaran Totke

Shabar Vashikaran Totke

Shabar vashikaran totke and remedies are very helpful in emergency when you have no astrologer support with you in that time you can use these shabar vashikaran totke and remedies that can help a lot and sometime it can solve your problem permanent without taking help from expert easily at home you can do it and get the benefits. Today to have a powerful shabar vashikaran totke for love problem is very tough but we are giving below some ancient and real shabar vashikaran totke and remedies that can help you in marital problem and love problem, family related issues. Read below to have rare information about shabar vashikaran totke vidhi.

Powerful Vashikaran Mantra Using Food And Drink

Powerful vashikaran mantra using food and drink is the mantra that you can use to energize any food or drink and make your desired lover to eat or drink from your hand to do his or her vashikaran easily. These kind of remedies and totke very famous in south india and West Bengal, now this strong vashikaran mantra by food presenting you for your own benefits, do not misuse this  mantra for wrong purpose. You should first recite this powerful vashikaran mantra using food and drink 71000 times in any durga temple or kali temple to have siddhi over this mantra and after that whenever you want you can use this powerful vashikaran mantra by food and drink. Know the procedure now. First, choose durga temple, at same time visit there, seat over red cloth and keep a ghee lamp in front of you and after prayer to goddess you can start chanting the mantra and count it using rudraksh rosary only. When 71000 chants completed, do the hawan from the same mantra also and after that whenever you want to energize any food or drink so you can take the food or drink in your hand and recite same mantra and leave breath over it and repeat this 108 times, your food or drink will be charged from vashikaran mantra, now you can serve to him or her. With the same vidhi you can also do the siddhi over clove vashikaran mantra, elaychi vashikaran mantra, sweet vashikaran mantra, salt vashikaran mantra and sugar also, only mantra will be changed that mentioned below but rest procedure will be same but the different is the clove vashikaran mantra totke or sweet vashikaran mantra you can apply over any specific item only but using food and drink vashikaran mantra you can energize everything easily. Many people ask us how to energize food and drink using vashikaran mantra so we hope this article will help you a lot and will give you auspicious result.


|| Om Hreem Shreem Kreem Theerim Thah Thah Amuk Vashyam Karoni ||

Clove / Lavang Vashikaran Mantra 

|| Om Namoh Adesh Mohini Ko Mohan Tera Naam Tera Lavang Siddh Karo Maa Karde Mera Kaam, Amuk Ko Vash Karke Lao Mere Pas, Kardo Duri Ko Khatam Puri Kardo Aas, Duhayi Guru Gorakhnath Ki ||

Sweet / Mithayi Vashikaran Mantra

|| Om Hreem Bhagwati Mahamohini Misthaanam Siddah Kuru Kuru Amuk Vashyam Kuru Hreem Om ||

Elaychi Vashikaran Mantra

|| Om Amukam Sammohaye Vashmanaye Sham Om Phat ||

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