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Remedies For Protection From Evil Black Magic

Tantra Mantra

Black Magic Protection MantraRemedies for protection from evil and black magic helps you to have protection against malefic power and dark forces which harm you from hidden ways. There are some remedies that work fast and give protection to user but for using these remedies, user should be pure and not meet eater and non alcoholic because these two thing also attract malefic energy to person and also weak your aura that cause attack of outside energy.

Take one copper vessel and fill with water and keep that vessel keep on hand and recite naryaan kawach 21 times and each time leave breath over vessel and after that sprinkle thaQt water everywhere inside house and drink rest and also serve to family members, All kind of evil energy and black magic will be removed.

Give water to Lord Sun everyday at early morning and and with empty stomach recite gaytri mantra 108 times and again give water to sun so all kind of tantra badha, evil power will be removed.

We all celebrate holi festival but holika also have solution of so many different problem. After holika burns after that at night time before sunrise go there and take some ash and keep it in silver box and daily worship it. When till that ash you have at home, any kind of tantra badha, black magic evil ghost spirit attack cant happen.

Holika ash also very helpful to protect baby child. Mark tilak in navel and over head of them to keep protect from evil eye problem.

Remedies for protection from evil and black magic can make your life easy and secure again if you do or if you are not friendly with these remedies and want to have a customized remedy for yourself so lets contact us we will check your horoscope and provide you some effective remedies for evil protection and black magic.


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Remedies for protection from evil curse and black magic removing remedies tips can save your life from all curse and evil spells and magic that done by enemy or someone who wants to destroy you permanent. Using the Remedies for black magic, evil eye and remedies to remove ghost spirit attack can protect you from all attacks and troubles and reverse the black magic and evil curse to sender automatically.
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