Rambha Apsara Sadhana Vidhi

Rambha Apsara Sadhana VidhiRambha apsara sadhana siddhi is the very beautiful sadhana vidhi which make the life of yours filled with young personality, disease free body and beauty. Do to this rambha apsara sadhana siddhi make you filled with joy, happiness and help for all kind of problem also. It gives you guidance and support and fulfill materialistic desire. Rambha apsara sadhana vidhi is very good ritual for everyone who is familiar with tantra mantra or wanna do something to make his life settled to have success on spiritual path. It is true without money you cannot do any spiritual work, ritual or practice free without any tension. Rambha apsara sadhana fulfill your this need and also give you so many different helps to have stability and success on your spiritual path and life. For doing the rambha apsara sadhana you need some articles that written below.

Article Required: Energized rambha yantra, apsara rosary, saudarya gutika, safalya mudrika.

For doing the rambha apsara sadhana you should start the ritual after 8pm, take the bath and seat on yellow cloth. Full moon night is best for begining the rambha apsara sadhana. Sadhak should dress up using cotton cloth very well himself and after that he should sprinkle rose oil perfume over his cloth and he should wear rose garland in neck. After that he should light ghee lamp and put some saffron in the lamp after that he should keep a wooden square piece in front of him and cover it using yellow cloth and keep a plate over the wooden piece and take some rose petals and he should call the apsara using aawahan mantra

|| Bho Rambhe Aagach Purna Yauwan Santute ||

Recite the rambha aawahan mantra 108 times and with each mantra keep a rose petal in the plate and after chanting the 108 mantra fill the plate from rose petals and after that keep the apsara rosary over the rose petals and sprinkle some rose oil perfume over your own aasan and light incense stick and worship your favorite god and worship apsara yantra using panchopchaar vidhi and take some rice in your hand colored from pink color and with reciting the mantras written below sprinkle rices slowly over the yantra to worship it.

|| Om Divyayeh Namah ||

|| Om Pranpriyayeh Namah ||

 || Om Vagishwaryeh Namah ||

|| Om Urjashwalaye Namah ||

|| Om Saudaryapriyayeh Namah ||

|| Om Devpriyayeh Namah ||

|| Om Yauwanpriyayeh Namah ||

|| Om Aishwaryapriyayeh Namah ||

|| Om Saubhagya Dayeh Namah ||

|| Om Dhandaaye Rambhaye Namah ||

|| Om Aarogyapradayeh Namah ||

After the worship do the apsara mantra 11 rosary cycle and repeat the same prcedure everyday. If y0u feel some kind of attractive smell is increasing in the room or you can feel the apsara energy shield even when eyes are closed or apsara become appear so offer one another rose garland over the rambha yantra, ask rambha apsara to give you safalya mudrika from her hand to keep for siddhi and rambha apsara yantra keep safe with you in locker and keep the rosary also safe for doing the mantra again when needed do not throw or loose the rosary, yantra or safalya mudrika in any case.


|| Om Hreem Ramm Rambhe Aagach Aagach Mum Aagya Paalaye Paalaye Manowanchitam Dehi Aiem Om Swaha ||

Using the vidhi if you do the apsara siddhi mantra, apsara vashikaran mantra or using rambha apsara another mantra etc so before that always make sure in which form you want to attain the siddhi. Rambha apsara sadhana is possible to do in the form of mother sister or lover. As lover if you are doing apsara sadhana siddhi so you must have any deity before to maintain and control apsara shakti. Never become physical with apsara in any case.

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Rambha Apsara Sadhana Vidhi | Rambha Apsara Vashikaran Mantra
Rambha apsara sadhana vidhi is about a nymph called rambha and using the rambha apsara vashikaran mantra, sadhana, yantra and vidhi you can get siddhi over this apsara to fulfill all materialistic desire in life but actually this sadhana is for those people who want to have spiritual growth but due to their family responsibilities they don't get success in spiritualism. Using rambha apsara sadhana vidhi in telugu, tamil, kannada you can get so much help from this ritual. Contact us for more detail.
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