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Powerful Mantra For Love Attraction

Tantra Mantra

Love Attraction MantraPowerful mantra for love attraction helps to become attractive and have impressive personality. Impression of your face is very important in every work, because when you meet with anyone for any work your personality should be impressive to get attention and positive response also it helps in convincing someone. For powerful mantra for love attraction take saffron, kasturi, Gorochan, red sandal paste, white sandal paste, amber and camphoor and tulsi roots and mix together make a paste. From the paste write the 12 lotus based yantra and in center write the mantra written below at the place of amuk write your name. After that in e every lotus write the lotus mantra step by step and do the worship of it and after that chant the mool mantra 11 rosary per day after worship and when you are at work, keep yantra in shirt pocket. It is the best yantra for attraction in hindunism that work very fast and make strong influence over everyone.

Mool Mantra

|| Om Amuk Naamna Om Namoh Vaayu Sunwe Jhatiti Aakarshaye Aakarshaye Swaha ||

Lotus Mantra

|| Hanumate Namah ||

|| Anjani Sunwe Namah ||

|| Vaayu Putraye Namah ||

|| Maha Balaye Namah ||

|| Shri Rameshtaye Namah ||

|| Phalgun Sakhaye Namah ||

|| Pinggaakchaye Namah ||

|| Amit Vikramaaye Namah ||

|| Uditi Kramnaaye Namah ||

|| Sita Shok Vinashkaaye Namah ||

|| Lakchman Praan Daaye Namah ||

|| Dash Mukh Darp Haraayeh Namah ||

Love Attraction Mantra

Love attraction mantra attract your lover phsyically, mentally for you but for using the love attraction mantra you must be innocent and clear in mind and always follow strict purity of body, thoughts during time when using the mantra and ritual procedure. Devotee should not take non veg food and alcoholic drinks and do sex in any condition. To use this ritual procedure you must have respect and faith over the deity to get benefits. In any case if you break the rules given procedure will not help anymore and you cannot repeat procedure again. To only when you have purity, capable to follow rules and believe in prayers and chant.

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