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Navgrah Dosh Shanti Yantra


Navgrah dosh shanti yantra is a powerful yantra that remove the malefic effect of your any planet like sun moon mars mercury jupiter venus saturn rahu or ketu. The navgrah dosh shanti yantra is best for healing the nine planet but specially it is for earning the wealth benefits fromyyantra. The love, romance and wealth or materialistic fulfillment are connected to planet venus. This navgrah dosh nivaran yantra is best for removing the financial problem, wealth related problem and to please the nine planet it also increase the effect of venus over every planet and attract money wealth and prosperity and love romance in life. Using the navgrah dosh nivaran yantra you can removing planet problem and also earn materialstic benefit from it. To wear this yantra you should wear made on silver plate only as pendent small size.

You can buy readymade and energized yantra made on silverplate from us which will be activated from your name and gotra specially. 

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