Indrajal Tree

Indrajal tree is very auspicious tantrik product that helps a lot to worshiper in every sector of life. It is very rare tantrik product that not available easily anywhere today but if you have an authentic indrajaal tree in your office and home so you can get benefit from this tree and recover from many problem very easily. In Hindu scriptures such as Dawaratnatra, Ravan Samhita and Vishwasara you can read about the benefits of this magical plant. We give energized and genuine, real indrajaal tree and we activate it by purification process using your name and gotra. You can place this tree framed in your office front wall and in home drawing room to have ultimate protection.



  • It removes bad influence of magic spell, ghost spirit problem at home, office and business.
  • Removes black magic and evil eye problem. 
  • Recover you from financial losses and troubles of money problem.
  • It can also remove vastu dosh from any place if worshiped daily.
  • Give protection from all kind of negative powers and generate positive energy.
  • It prevent attacks, misfortunes, danger over family and bring good luck.

You can contact us to buy the real and original indrajal tree online.