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Hanuman Mantra For Non Curable Diseases

Tantra Mantra

Hanuman mantra for non curable disease and pain is for those people who suffer from any disease or pain in life which is non curable and not treatable by modern medicine and medical treatment. It really become so painful when someone get said by doctor like the disease or pain is not curable and you have to take medicine till whole life or you just have life for some more years or month now in that what a person feel that we can understand but in that problem never loose your patience and never become tensed or emotional. Generally people get depend on anti depressant and anti panic medicines which make you more weak and reduce the will power to fight with situation. But do you know in hindu tantra there are some very powerful mantra for diseases and pain available which can cure non curable disease and pain if someone do with faith and devotion so. Also by doing same chant you can infuse your medicine and take it so it will increase the power of your medicine. Maha mrityunjai mantra and mrit sanjiwani mantra for non curable and chronic diseases so famous everywhere no need to explain about it but that is possible by by vedic anusthan and yagna not by self practice because it is a process of ritual not a daily chant. But we are giving you some very powerful chants for non curable disease and pain that you can use to get out from the serious health issues. Read below

Powerful Chant For Non Curable Diseases  

Powerful chant for non curable disease and pain you can start from any day any time. Just take bath and seat on woolen cloth and keep a ghee lamp in front of you and after that using rudraksh rosary you can chant the given mantra 11 rosary cycle per day and pray to remove your disease and pain. It remove all kind of non curable and chronic disease and pain also.

|| त्वमस्मिन् कार्य निर्वाहे प्रमाणं हरि सतम।  तस्य चिन्तयतो यत्नों दुःख क्षय करो भवेत्॥

Hanuman Mantra For Non Curable Diseases

Mantra To Heal Chronic Disease And Pain

If you are in trouble because of evil eye, black magic or have curse over you and want to get cure also suffering from any non curable disease so in that case you should do the mantra for removing chronic disease and pain which also work as mantra for removing curse effect over you. Seat on red woolen mat, face east side and light oil lamp in front of you and using black agate rosary recite the mantra given below 5 rosary cycle per day.

|| मर्कटेश महोत्साह सर्व शोक विनाशनं,शत्रु संहार माम रक्ष श्रियम दापय में प्रभो॥

Heal All Kind Of Serious Disease And PainMantra To Mantra for healing Disease And Pain

Mantra for healing disease and pain should be used in emergency or critical situations where you have no options for cure and became hopeless and doctor already did hands up. Using the powerful mantra to heal chronic disease and pain should be used for serious health issues only. And anyone can also do behalf of the patient daily to give him cure from mantra. Take a copper plate and fill it from water and keep lord hanuman picture in front of the plate and reflection image should be appeared in copper plate of lord hanuman, after that do the lord hanuman worship from sweet, flower, garland, incense and ghee lamp and after that look contineous inside the plate and recite the mantra and total 11 rosary cycle chant you should do and after that leave breath over copper plate water and give patient to drink with his medicine. It will cure him from all kind of disease and pain instant. Do it daily till 100% cure.

|| ॐ नमो भगवते सप्त वदनाय षष्ट गोमुखाय,सूर्य रुपाय सर्व रोग हराय मुक्तिदात्रे ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ||

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