Dhumavati Sadhana Mantra

Dhumavati Sadhana Dhumavati sadhana mantra is the strongest mantra to remove and heal any kind of black magic, white magic, witchcraft or voodoo like sharp curses and also to make unwanted ghost spirit out from the house. The dhumavati sadhana is the best ritual of mahavidya that makes devotee free from the fear, negativity and worries and give wealth, prosperity, good health and success. Dhumavati goddess is also known as alaxmi which people understand in negative way but actually the dhumavati mantra sadhana which gives you power and blessings of goddess dhumavati swap all your poverty, worries, diseases back and shower the wealth, prosperity, mercy, success in life. It is said in scripture the all diseases, worries, sadness, trouble, health issues, poverty are servant and in control of goddess dhumavati, whoever worship and accept her as mother never see problem from those servant and live a happy life. If you are struggling since so long and having bad luck only and not getting success in anything, at home your all family member fight like animals and always have health issues so you must do the dhumavati sadhana once to have her blessings and to remove unwanted trouble. Dhumavati sadhana also protect devotee from the malefic effect of saturn, rahu and ketu like cruel and negative planets who are enough to make your life full with complication and struggle so if you are going under any duration of rahu ketu and saturn so you must do dhumavati sadhana and worship her to ward off malefic effect of these planets.

To start the dhumavati sadhana mantra you should begin from saturday night, seat on a white woolen cloth, keep facing south and worship goddess dhumavati idol or picture using white flowers, some salty spicy foods you can offer her and water and than light the mustard oil lamp with the name of goddess dhumavati. Now keep energized dhumavati yantra and worship it using same way and do panchopchar poojan of yantra and take some water and black lentil in right palm and say sankalp to do the mantra with the name gotra and purpose and after that pour that water in the feet of goddess dhumavati and than start chanting the dhumavati sadhana mantra written below and daily do atleast 11 rosary cycle and maximum 21 rosary cycle per day. after completing 1,25,000 chants you will do hawan from the same mantra and in hawan you can use only black sesame, black lentil, sesame oil to do homam.

After completing the sadhana you will place dhumavati yantra at your worship place for worshiping, daily recite dhumavati mantra 108 times. During ritual and after ritual if you experience someone around you in white cloth, lady personality so never get fear as goddess dhumavati appearance you can feel if you are truly innocent by heart.


|| Om Dhoom Dhoom Dhumavati Thah Thah Swaha ||

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Dhumavati Mantra To Remove Black Magic

Dhumavati mantra to remove black magic is very famous ritual and it is very sharp to end any kind of black magic instantly. If you feel presence of ghost spirit at home so you should do this ritual to have safety and make them out without any risk or fear. Dhumavati mantra to remove black magic not only makes evil spirit ghost out and black magic removed even it makes you brave and fearless too. To start this sadhana from saturday when at saturday dark moon also exist you should start your ritual after 7pm. Take bath and wear black dress and seat on black cloth and face east direction and light mustard oil lamp in front of you and keep a silver plate over wooden piece square covered from black cloth and write (धूं) word over it from black kaajal, now place energized dhumavati yantra over the plate also and mark three circle using kumkum over the yantra and show lamp and incense to plate properly and after that you start your dhumavati sadhana to remove black magic from viniyog.

|| Asya shri dhumavati mahamantrasya piplaad rishih triwrata chandah shri jyeshtha dhumavati dhoom beezam dham keelakam mamaabhisht siddhyarthe jape viniyogah ||


Now You should wash your hands from water and do rishiyaadi nyas :

Piplaad Rishiyeh Namah Shirishi

Triwrath Chandase namah mukhe

shri jyeshtha dhumavati devtaayeh namah

dhoom beezam namah guhhye

Phat Shakti Namah Paadyoh

Viniyogah Namah Sarwaange

Now Do Karannyaas from below mantra

Dheem Shirishe Swaha

Dhoom Madhyamabhyaam Namah

Dhaim Anamikabhayam Namah

Dhoum Kanishthikabhayam Namah

Dhah Kartalkarprishthabhayam namah

Now do hridayaadi nyas from the mantra written below

Dham Hridayayeh Namah

Dheem Shirishe Swaha

Dhoom Shikhaye Vashat

Dhaim Kawachaya Hoom

Dhoum Netrayeh Vaushat

Dhah Astraye Phat 

Now keep flower, rice, black seame in hands and do dhyan mantra with respect

Vivarna Chanchala Krishna Dhirgha Cha Malimabara

Vimukt Kuntala Rukcha Vidhawa Viraldwawija

Kaakdhawaj Ratharudha Vilambeet Payodhara

Shurp Hastaati Rukchacha DhoomHasta Varaaniwataa

Prawradhaghora tu bhrasham kutila kutileshkchana

kchutpipaasaardeeta nityam bhayada kalahaaspada

Now after dhyan mantra sprinkle the rice, black sesame, flower over dhumavati yantra

now start doing the chanting of dhumavati mantra that written below

|| Dhoom Dhoom Tantra Mantra Badha Bhoot Pret Pisach Badha Naashaye Naashaye Thah Thah Phat ||

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