Black Magic Love Spells To Make Someone Love You

Black Magic Spells For Love Back

Black Magic Love Spells To Make Someone Love YouBlack magic love spells to make someone love you is an spell that can make someone fall in love with you easily again after break up. To do this spell you need to have the photo of the desired lover. At any dark moon night you can perform this black magic love spell to make someone love you. Prepare a idol of your lover using red wax or buy ready made red wax men idol from market. Write the name of lover over the candle and charge it with the spell that written below by repeated spell 781 times and each time when you chant the spell leave breath over the idol to make it charged and energized. After that take the photo of your lover and recite the same spell again 251 times to charge the photo and after that keep the candle over photo of your lover and light the candle, now write the same spell over some 11 paper pieces and seat on prayer pose and fold your hands and pray to get him back and concentrate over candle flame and burn each paper and repeat desire to get ex lover back. After performing ritual collect the ash of all paper pieces and come on open area, take all ash on hand and say desire and throw it outside in the air to send your spell to victim. Repeat same process again at every night till next dark moon night to have changes on the lover and get him back. It is the best and powerful black magic love spell that work fast and by using this working black magic love spell you can make your return back also you can attract him or her again and generate love and warm feelings in heart again. This spell do not work over strangers. Only use in break up problem or love relation matters.

Black Magic Love Spell To Get Lover Back

|| Your name casting the spell with the name of divine spirit, lover name should be mine forever, i cast the spell to get name of lover back if he does not return so take his peace, make him back make him mine, make my love relation shine, grant my wish, send him dreams, make him mine ||

Black Magic Love Spells Using Hair, Blood, Nails And Cloth

Black Magic Love Spells Using Hair, Blood, Nails And ClothBlack magic love spells using hair, blood, nails and cloth is another powerful black magic spell to lover back which you can do easily at home or inside any divine place. To do black magic love spells using hair, blood, nails and cloth you should have the hairs or your lover. Prepare an idol using clay at full moon night from the name of lover, always use rose water and clay to mix together never use the normal water etc in the idol making. After preparing the idol keep it safe and let it dry, When making the idol, fill the hairs of your lover inside the heart area of idol. When doll is dry, energize it using the black magic love spell using hair, blood, nails and cloth written below, to charge it you have to write one diagram over idol using saffron paste, after writing chant the words 781 times and leave breath each time over it using mouth and never leave ritual in between, once you seated, you can move only after completing ritual so read the method and keep all articles with you to do it perfectly and properly. Black magic love spell diagram should be written at full moon night as first day and it should happen continue till next full moon night everyday, in case if you are women and have periods so stop the black magic love spells using hair, blood, nails and cloth ritual and continue again when fresh. When you charged the doll at first day, after that always keep the doll over wooden piece or any clean table, never keep doll on the floor. To cast the black magic love spell using hair and blood you need 7 red candle, some ash or clay of church area and one red cloth to seat and red dress to wear also your idol. Draw a triangle on the floor using church clay and in center make a circle inside triangle over that circle place your red cloth to seat and light the 3 candles at all three angles of triangle and three light at front of you with the name of lover, divine spirits and god. Now keep the idol on hand and say the spell written below 781 times again and each time when you complete the chant, move doll clockwise over candles and show heat to it. After doing that, take idol on hand and concentrate your mind over lover face and say your desire in mind and pray god, divine spirit to make your desire fulfilled soon. Now take the candle on hand which you have lighten with the name of lover and pour all the wax over idol chest slowly and let candle finish, after this you can come out from circle but do not remove the triangle or circle from the place and every night do the spell again inside same area and finish the ritual perfectly at next full moon and after that bury the idol inside church area or any divine place and light a candle over it at once. Come back, something will happen that will make you reunited with your lover again using black magic love spell.

Black Magic Talisman For Love BackIt is the best black magic love spell using hair that you can use, people always email us and ask for black magic love spell using hairs, photos or blood so here this spell we are posting you that you can use for your love problem solution. In case if you need customized love spell done with the name of lover by us so you can feel free to email us.



Black Magic Love Spells To Make Someone Love You
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Black Magic Love Spells To Make Someone Love You
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